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  1. Surely this 60k viewers from twitter number has to be from people unmuting it and putting it full screen? If it was just autoplay it would be way higher
  2. I have to say that Strongside has improved at casting a lot, felt pretty bad for him at times during Season 1 of Pro League
  3. Fabe showed glimpses against the NA teams but just couldnt close it out, I hope they can go to NA open LANs like they did last season. Envy going to LB so early could be a blessing, they are heating up
  4. Hope Fabe will get to play CP or LG this weekend, reckon they can take them
  5. The most depressing thing about watching this is that Halo 5 is a far better game
  6. So many great Slayer games today..... please have a game 7 slayer
  7. Still a F/A for London event, could possibly coach if I dont find a team either. Message me on XBL if you want to run games or if you are a F/A also and we can try put a team together Gamertag: xFloody
  8. Terrible production but the matches had made up for it so far What a game that was
  9. Very true, if you play the Weekend League you are guaranteed a hate message about 50% of the time even if you win or lose
  10. GT: xFloody Onyx level in all seasons so far mainly playing solo Haven't played seriously in a while so I am a bit rusty but would like to grind for the London LAN
  11. I might be optimistic but hopefully they have added the silenced AR on these maps in preparation for the ability/ shooting radar with the silencer obviously having an impact. Only way I see it making sense
  12. I thought the interviews with Strongside were a great addition, people have criticised his casting previously but I thought he did a good job this weekend and added a little fun at times.
  13. Optic have like 4 events on at the moment, we probably wont get much juice until the Grand Final
  14. 5.30 am here, I am worried this will keep going during my 9am lecture..
  15. Good effort from Fabe, some positives for sure. Unlucky to match two top 4 teams, would have liked to see how they did against some of the lower pro teams.
  16. Played literally 2 games of IW and gave up, I havent been a fan of the last few COD's but this was on another level of bad. MW remastered is pretty good but I find the levelling system on COD so stale now, at least Halo 5 did something right with the ranking system.
  17. Only just noticed that SkyBet (UK) actually have Halo on the esports section for betting Time to be even more invested in Pro League
  18. 6am here and lectures in 3 hours but so worth it. Really enjoyed that tournament, can't wait for the next.
  19. Interesting idea to show the vetoes, a little awkward and disorganised but something that I could get used to seeing.

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