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  1. Games haven't started yet, its bound to start slow and pick up once the bigger matches start
  2. EG really impressive on Shrine, completely dominated both games against Str8
  3. Not a fan of these concrete looking plain blocks given to us in forge, they just don't look as good as the blocks in Reach/ 4 imo.
  4. Finding games fast and they have all been with even teams I can live with 5v5 for now
  5. Nice of Snip3down to host Ogre 2's stream. Snip3 had 4k ish viewers earlier
  6. Is the new control scheme easy to get used to? What button layout and sensitivity do you use?
  7. Just wish I could find a game Found one on Halo 3 Foundry about an hour ago but it had crazy lag, took about 5 seconds to throw a grenade.

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