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  1. inb4 optic gets invited since people know them (like that h5 germany tournament a while back pre h5 release)
  2. didnt naded just hit 1000 subs on twitch? Naded to WFX right now
  3. WFX is one team change away from being the Noble Black of S2, imo
  4. True. Having said that Randa isn't pro yet (Where's his t8 finish?/placing at a lan?)
  5. I dont know all the details, but Im pretty sure Walshy helps run that whole organization (hes friends with the founder). So saying he "already did that" doesnt make too much sense, since he's sort of on the inside of the whole thing. Not to diminish all the work Walshy has put into it. But the reason people are giving Flame credit is because he independently ran a fundraiser for the organization, even though he has no affiliation with it. Maybe that clears up some confusion?
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