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  1. I'm thinking that Jkap might try to join FB, but that's just me. I hope all the teams changes settle quickly, though.
  2. *insert MS flames* *insert Sony praise* *insert PC master race* In all seriousness, it sucks that some people lost their consoles, but this is what happens when you believe everything you see on the Internet.
  3. Good luck to the new FB. I'm not going to hate on their decision(s), but I wish them the best with wherever these decisions take them.
  4. http://www.pokemonshowdown.com/ For those who just want to battle.
  5. This, but seeing as it's not a part of the Season Pass releases (much less adds up to the total price) I can see it being separate.
  6. Lucky has made a lot of valid points that I personally agree with. A lot of my friends have made many excuses as to why they do not like the game and have proven on their end why they don't like it. That's fine, you're not forced to like a video game if you don't want to. I have found that the features added to the game were refreshing and allowed easy access to video uploads and streaming, which helps in multiple ways for competitive players and/or montage creators. I do appreciate how 3arc stuck to a working formula and refined it, rather than "rebuild a successful game from the ground up" which leads to many bugs and exploits.
  7. I don't agree on the Kinect itself needing to be connected at all times, that's just a personal opinion but I don't mind it being connected. As far as being connected online, have you ever played Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on Gamebattles where players would infect their consoles with modifications on a limitless/developer console (which was done offline) and they can knife across the map, see players through walls, and through more modifications with your developer console, you can punish players for killing you (Negative exp lobbies, which you cannot tell initially that they exist.) I'm sorry that it punished players who don't participate in piracy or hardmod cheating, but this is one of the few ways that they can prevent this from happening in the future. Obviously, they will try to find a way around it, but without these methods, they would be able to freely reign on players or continue to steal games for the cost of a blank disc. I don't know what you do for a living, but would you enjoy people stealing your stock or your employer having to let you go because they can't make ends meet due to a crime they can't always prevent? That's unfair to you and everyone else, much more unfair than being forced to be connected. FYI, this isn't me defending them on every move they made, but they are trying to eliminate a problem that affects the developers AND gamers.
  8. They are going to sell offline consoles, with fewer features. Sorry that the future requires you to be "Kinected" so you aren't finding ways to pirate games or modify your system. I mean, do you really miss having people defy your game's reality and make you derank for killing them once?
  9. You're another Macomb County player, cool. Glad to see more local players join.
  10. I find myself constantly being forced to play 4v2 games, which has drastically decreased my rank in the process. I would enjoy not having my rank dropped due to people who can't handle losing in a video game, my GT is in my signature.
  11. In my opinion, Call of Duty 2 - 4 were the most enjoyable Call of Duty games that were not only fun to pick up and play, but the competitive scenes were strong and didn't have as many exploits at the time. After MW2's release, I felt that it made all of the CoD games vulnerable to hardware modifications, regardless of what the companies tried to do to stop it. Overall, I enjoyed the Infinity Ward releases as a whole more than I did the 3arc ones.
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