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  1. I hate mobile and will make up for the accidental neg. OT I'm very hopeful for Denver and pray that has the potential to help paint a good future for this series. Would love to come back to a modern game from this series (and might even buy a One again.)
  2. I pressed something on mobile, gonna assume it was a neg and apologize.
  3. I feel this, as someone who still plays Stepmania with a pad and CSGO on PC with a controller. (demo only) Some games just feel better or are more enjoyable with a controller or specific devices like a fight stick or a DDR pad despite other options having (arguable or otherwise) better performance. Good post.
  4. Talk to the guys who make the consoles first. Sounds like you're not on Team Halo 6: Heroes. B&
  5. Millions of people disagree with me saying OW lacks depth on a lot of levels, that or they just don't care cause they are all filthy Hanzo mains.
  6. It's going to feature DLC in a similar manner due to it being a pseudo-MMORPG. The amount of content featured and how the patches following the DLC will change the game are to be determined. If you didn't like Destiny for its core gameplay, don't buy Destiny 2 (gamefly or other forms of rental/demo are recommended if you are truly curious.) I also say this as someone who likes both games, you're basically playing the same thing but refined.
  7. Beta is horribly optimized, rendering differently on cross-play
  8. First Michael Scott leaves, now NavG123. Edit: clever ruse
  9. I think I'll be the one to go out on a limb and list: 1. Jedi Academy 2. KOTOR 3. Battlefront 2 4. Republic Commando 5. Empire At War
  10. I remember I picked up an infected mod from a friend who used to sell lobbies in MW2. If you were host, your commando perk allowed you to LITERALLY knife anyone as long as they are in the center of your screen. There is no range limit and worked with the model outline (wall hack) one as well.
  11. Halo returned to its former glory and replaces CoD's spot on the MLG circuit but you have to give up memes forever. Would you do it?
  12. Lower your expectations, this isn't smash.gg I also miss that feature, how else was I supposed to figure out which person to hunt down in Rumble Pit?
  13. This is exactly why I only care about HCS results. It's not interesting to watch and I don't feel invested in watching it. Half the players I don't know or really care about.
  14. Game type variety especially, CoD has more game type variants overall (though we have more customization possibilities) and it sucks that our comp scene is left with three, one of which is beyond tiring to watch. (Slayer)
  15. Instantly thought of that one meme with Shaq asleep and four panels (his two were subtitled "I sleep" and "real shit?" respectively.) Edit: I'm in full support of a Halo 1 revival. I know places in Southeast Michigan (metro Detroit mainly) that we might be able to get a weekly, biweekly, or monthly H1 LAN. I sold my Xbone months ago and I want to play Halo multiplayer again.
  16. I love when my game's core content comes trickling in or remain MIA until a future title.
  17. Considering the fact that we have no LAN, this makes perfect sense: Heavy Aim League Online = H.A.L.O.
  18. We have a rekt emote but not a "Get deleted, nerd" emote. TB staff always slacking.
  19. Halo 1.5 sounds nice, too bad Bungie waited for Destiny to do that. Sad Halo
  20. I think some people don't want to admit they find H5 boring.
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