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  1. This somehow turned into a contest to see how edgy one can be. Guess drama is hard to come by lately. On another note, I'm personally happy to see Kaiss and his team doing well. I would like to see him place high more consistently at LAN events as well.
  2. TIL I can justifiably be a piece of shit to anyone working a fringe job as long as I work for a living.
  3. it's funny, because if you had a JTAG/infected box in CoD, you could see through walls too. 1:1 CoD experience
  4. He doesn't have a full squad, but it looks as if he and Devon are back as a duo again.
  5. My problems with grenades since H2. H3 and Reach definitely made it worse due to shit tier BR and shitty nade physics, respectfully.
  6. Would've been great for all those times I got Ghost Town Snipers.
  7. Sounds too convenient, let's just make weapons shoot like max bloom Reach 1.0 DMRs instead.
  8. Presumably the one that still retains Stellur and Eco. (I think they said Shotzzy and Renegade?)
  9. I just realized I accidentally neg repped you (had to log onto desktop to figure it out), I'll make up for it.
  10. Or you can pay for the game AND shortcuts cause why not, right? (Looking at you, AC Unity)
  11. Unless something else happened after I posted,"Man's not hot"
  12. Thank you, I have watched most of your videos and once supported your stream during Reach (still remember losing a 1v1 against you on stream.) I hope you continue making videos for Halo and support the scene!
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