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  1. Honestly neither side respects each other's opinion, don't understand why anyone feels they have any ground on that. But by all means don't start now because I need something to read until infinite.
  2. I don't agree with that justification of quitting before a game has ended, just bad sportsmanship, nor do I agree with downplaying the clips in the Top 10. It's fine to not agree with either side, but trying to justify quitting because players with poor self-control did it and mocking the clips and saying they lack merit are both equally asinine.
  3. I'm not a fan of TIP, but this ain't trolling. This just feels like one of those moments in this forum's cycle where some of you feel antagonistic towards an individual you don't particularly agree with.
  4. If you guys post easy to hit clips again, I'm gonna report you.
  5. Honestly didn't enjoy h4 until MCC and the game felt less sluggish. It was short-lived, however, due to the flaws outweighing everything else. To echo, no saying the game was poorly designed but poorly tuned in some areas (campaign, small team multiplayer)
  6. How do you grow an eSport that few watch? Asking for a friend.
  7. Doesn't an external drive work for Xbone? And if that's the case, does it still have the ability to allocate X amount of space on said device so it can retain multi-functional purposes (storing music, videos, etc.)?
  8. Who does this guy think he is sharing his feelings/opinions on an open forum like this one?
  9. Why do you guys have to break into the dumbest contests of who can be the biggest ass? Holy shit dude...
  10. Can you S.Charge w/o sprint? Just curious, nothing against the settings.
  11. In my honest opinion, this isn't a problem for me as a viewer because the players are under more pressure to perform. If they are incapable of performing, then I feel that the audience will be better off with stronger teams advancing. This, I feel, *should* bring out the best in players and give us quality matches from pools to finals. I understand even more that it's WORSE from a player perspective since you are given no room for error and have to secure every win you can in pools which can be frustrating if your team is slow to gain momentum in a tournament environment. However, despite the format not being friendly to the lower half of teams, this is the current format and all teams should be going in with a goal of starting and ending strong.
  12. Win all of your games, how hard is that? Personally, I'm glad the only complaint so far is the format and not the venue or anything else (yet). Feel how you want to feel about it, you still have to go in aiming to win all of your games and YES, every team competing should be convincing themselves they can beat every other team.
  13. With the history of Dragonball names from H2 MLG tournaments, I'm surprised they don't know.
  14. So what's going on in the world of Sports ball? I've never in my life been more interested to hear about it.
  15. Y'all have some of the dumbest conflicts about shit that ain't even yours. Squash the shit cause even this is worse than people fawning over Ninja's stream. Sheesh.
  16. The ego is acquired differently, and they are handled fairly easily too (money matches)
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