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  1. I know people like asymmetrical interactions, but you have to be nuts to want to be the mole in whack-a-mole. Especially if you always lose.
  2. @Boyo I appreciate your brainstorming but I'm low-key waiting for the day 343 takes one of your ideas and gives you no credit for it.
  3. @Reamis25 My dealer ran out, can you hook a brother up?
  4. Yeah, you're gonna have to be specific on the CoD details here man cause they run 5+ second respawns in competitive there...
  5. I've wanted that in Halo 3 but I remember getting negged to hell on the MLG forums.
  6. @Boyo I like that idea for setting a soft threshold and I also agree that creating a system to let newer/lower level players feel good for playing their entry matches is good. Though, I'm not in agreement with using 1-50 for that system, granted I'm mostly concerned with sticking to this system as a means of progressing beyond that. I feel using the upper tier progression ranks from Halo Reach as a visual metric of this would be appealing to most parties considering those in favor of it would like something of this nature to exist. Use simpler icons/ranks for lower level while the coveted ones remain for higher ranks and adding a system beyond this to measure the less than 1% that shows a more detailed MMR rating.
  7. What 1-50 does emulates the progression system to a degree especially when you look at how Halo 3 implemented it. While it was fun for its time, I agree that the 1-50 system truly doesn't measure player skill as accurately as modern divisions. Looking at Overwatch season 1 ranked and how all that system did was encourage someone to actually see if rank 1 existed by griefing low level games. I don't know if you care about the integrity of gameplay at lower ladder but I would rather not have brackets of a game encourage griefing for the sake of discovery. That point aside, as Lemon mentioned, the ranking progression was just that, an addition to the progression system and not for creating skill brackets outside of the top ladder. With SR existing, I don't feel it is needed and promoting accurate ranking systems is healthier for the middle to high ladder.
  8. Definitely that, easier consistency check if they all work the same. It was added in MW2 for all utility grenades except smoke since it should only apply to direct impact. Though, I would rather hit markers not exist in Halo with how powerful information can be in a game without many other elements to combat be it passive or active.
  9. Flashes never had hitmarkers in that game to begin with.
  10. Seems like a difference in objective map design versus subjective enjoyment. You can still enjoy poor quality things with friends, nothing inherently wrong with that. (Note that I'm not agreeing with the maps being worthless or that playing bad things contributes negatively to the game/community. Worth prefacing before someone makes a poor assumption)
  11. Sad when a lot of the apologists can only pat 343i on the back because they can play campaign then wait for the next game.
  12. It's post-release you want to be concerned with from looking at those numbers. To clarify, I've already written off a good release and I'm just waiting for Forge DLC.
  13. Honestly, I feel it could be solved with having playlists/queue options with something similar to how league of legends has Blind, Draft, and Ranked (along with appropriate incentives). The former two being something along the lines of social playlists with no sbmm and Arena unranked or whatever you want to call it with loose sbmm.
  14. But sometimes Jimmy does because he's a fan of Ogre 2. He doesn't have to be a sweaty gamer to be a fan of others who are and want to play a low stress game with them. Where else do they get the opportunity to do that without donating/subscribing? The one mode they aren't skilled enough to match against/with them? I'm a fan of skill based matchmaking but I recognize that it's honestly not ideal as people don't mind having a couple of blow out games. It sucks for the good players who get heavy teammates but you didn't queue social to have your teammates all pull their weight evenly all the time. That's the nature of the mode and curating it too much can often be problematic. NOTE THAT I AM NOT DISAGREEING WITH THE FACTS YOU ARE PRESENTING, SIMPLY THE EXECUTION OF IT.
  15. Because no one has ever complained about skill based matchmaking ever....
  16. A lot were copied from WoW, the coat of paint is much better looking on FFXIV. I would recommend avoiding much of this game for mechanical design with dungeons and raids, Rathalos and NieR Automata fights aside.
  17. Cooper had 50s on all his accounts and point checked everyone so hard, they pissed their pants. He had to be removed for the safety of the community. That is the whole truth.
  18. Cooper was better than him at the game and posting. #FreeCooper
  19. We can't act surprised at the response, though. It's expected from the galaxy brain goon squad.
  20. If you use JoyToKey, you can map it on your controller while also selecting an option to keep the mic open (loop the input.)
  21. Guess I was never supposed to play Halo 2 PC on controller and should go out and buy an Xbone. Thanks for enlightening me, Humpflung.
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