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  1. “The last time we did a Splinter Cell, we had lots of pressure from all the fans actually saying, ‘Don’t change it, don’t do this, don’t do that,’ so some of the teams were more anxious to work on the brand." What did you do to them?
  2. Man spits nothing but facts 💯 💯
  3. Daily reminder that, even if your grammar is poor, just finish your fucking sentences like a sane person.
  4. Just ignore the replies that don't contribute to your point and continue posting in good faith because that's more mature than trying to backhandedly insult other users from that horse. Clearly, this isn't a new concept for you so I don't think you'd find it hard to just reply to people who actually contribute to your posts lmao.
  5. The real Halo Infinite isn't this clone shooter mess we have before us, it was within the old games we loved this whole time.
  6. I'm not particularly excited but I'm willing to try it out because it will be free to play. Too many F2P games to compete with that emulate things that I enjoy about Halo better than 343 products, and f2p/premium products that emulate the things I enjoyed about Halo's large scale combat better. Without the F2P portion of this, I would not have bothered with this game considering I don't use game pass regularly if at all. To add, it has a lot less to do with my frustrations towards them handling the Halo IP or my desire for classic Halo gameplay, they are just bad at selling an FPS game.
  7. Honestly, I appreciate this fact especially when you consider how easily they can be removed.
  8. I have a buddy, who is now my doubles partner in CE, that started with Reach as well, no indoctrination needed.
  9. I need the plug homie, these maps got me salivating.
  10. I'm glad you said it because I wasn't going to say it nicely.
  11. Using steam to determine how good/popular a fighting game is wrong, stop doing this in the future please.
  12. I hope no one's assuming splitgate is brand new or anything...
  13. Is the headshot multiplier with shields officially debunked or?
  14. I play a lot of other shooters (dead and alive) solo queue, you're actually capping if you think Halo is the only one that has people inting. It's not a Halo-specific term nor is it a Halo exclusive problem, "every other shooter" isn't some magical truth you can keep pulling out of your ass to discuss a feature of Halo you don't like especially when that is a significantly greater problem in non-Halo games. I get that you're trying to express and understand the anomalies of your experience better, but you can do better just like the Halo series can do better.
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