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  1. We can't act surprised at the response, though. It's expected from the galaxy brain goon squad.
  2. If you use JoyToKey, you can map it on your controller while also selecting an option to keep the mic open (loop the input.)
  3. Guess I was never supposed to play Halo 2 PC on controller and should go out and buy an Xbone. Thanks for enlightening me, Humpflung.
  4. Yeah, I enjoyed having a playlist that avoided parties or matchmaking options that avoided playing against premades as a solo player (League of Legends Solo/Duo comes to mind.) Even in unranked matches, it's often more fun to play with and/or against non-premades (being solo and matching a group that often intends to do ridiculous things that can ruin even non-competitive games.)
  5. How do you stand restTalk and types being tied to physical and special?
  6. The General (grade 5) at least comes up with better quips than that.
  7. I think the spectate portion is not a strong idea, due to it having the potential of revealing where the sword user is for free. Though, I do think it is a comical idea.
  8. Halo 3, it was post Mythic Pack 1 I believe.
  9. On an oddly related note, does anyone remember the results of the Bungie vs The World playlist?
  10. Glad we are truly embracing our inner 2008. Can't have the glory days without it.
  11. The tally for progression changes nothing, really. You will always hit a point where you slow down or hit the cap of either the rating system or your own skill level. However, I do agree that shorter placement duration (fewer matches) and soft resetting would benefit matchmaking the most alongside proper matching of premades. I personally prefer having solo/duo and team queues separate but many issues arise from this including win trading, the existence of 2v2 matching, and locking out 3 man parties.

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