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  1. Is the headshot multiplier with shields officially debunked or?
  2. I play a lot of other shooters (dead and alive) solo queue, you're actually capping if you think Halo is the only one that has people inting. It's not a Halo-specific term nor is it a Halo exclusive problem, "every other shooter" isn't some magical truth you can keep pulling out of your ass to discuss a feature of Halo you don't like especially when that is a significantly greater problem in non-Halo games. I get that you're trying to express and understand the anomalies of your experience better, but you can do better just like the Halo series can do better.
  3. All we need is a point check and Also don't react to this post if you joined after June 4th, 2013 thank you.
  4. I feel it will just mirror what Rogue Company has done with their bots making them simply firing range / "thumbless timmy" equivalent skill level to cater to the lowest common denominator. I want to be hopeful for something better than this but the baseline of them working as firing range dummies will likely be serviceable enough for them to keep any further improvements low priority at best.
  5. I wouldn't say worst, but it definitely makes the Chris Puckett Top 5
  6. After that essay, I'm not sure if I can confidently bet on you anymore.
  7. Fat shout out to @Snipe Three for looking out for his community's mental state, your posts have been the best to read all week.
  8. I've pitched the idea a lot but no one wants to put in the effort.
  9. It's funny how people were more at the ready to ridicule anyone saying something bad about this game than there are people actually upset with the game and half of the stuff targeting people (much less the reasoning behind the message) are huge misses. Get over yourselves already with the defensiveness of things people are free to not like lmao.
  10. Looks like a fun social game, not disappointing immediately will have to see how the release actually pans out. Hopefully MCC doesn't completely die out but we'll see.
  11. You're not wrong, but it's weird that you use it at the best point of the overall mood of the active posters here. This reads like an "all men are bad, but the good one know this doesn't apply" tweet that doesn't contribute to the change you want to see.
  12. It's worse than that, I played a Sanc Flag match in HC Reach and dude spent the whole game firing at me to get me no shields whenever I spawned. Somehow capped the flag despite him still firing at me for the entire pull.
  13. Someone explained it a while ago (Xandrith?) That CC can be crucial to RPG-like games in enabling a healthy combat loop, but fundamentally CC isn't an enjoyable mechanic on its own.
  14. Yeah, you can't fully mitigate that feeling of randomness even with the benefits and that's mostly what I'm left feeling about the gametype now.
  15. It's pretty fun with a group that actually knows how to play as hvs posted. I've almost never been able to relive that enjoyment outside of a group I had in 09-10.
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