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  1. I think a large amount of people like getting multiple chances to use power weapons in Halo, especially casuals. Why should that be limited by stuff like REQs or their poor balance in the sandbox enforcing a harsher limit per game?
  2. That's a loaded issue with power-ups in general, I don't feel that Halo 4-5 had a good power weapon balance relative to the utility and each other so I wouldn't want those games or anything emulating it to turn into a fiesta. I still prefer fast power ups but to put that on CE fans is kinda weird.
  3. It's literally written on the wall (or message board in this case) about how increasing the overall quality of the game contributed a lot to 2+3 success. We lost features going forward and that's a turn off on top of cheesy gameplay elements whether some things like gun play or kill times felt slightly better from one iteration to another is not all that relevant when compared to glaring issues that are frequently briefed about in each "completed package" of Halo. The point is that there are core functions and features to the game that have not been sustained well nor improved since the arguable peak(s).
  4. You knew right from the gecko, he wasn't gonna play Halo CE.
  5. 343 you've won already, now just reveal yourselves instead of making us deal with this.
  6. I guess I can't downvote your opinion of games all needing to be designed to encourage a theme park routine to get things you want despite playing games that avoid this method to incentive players to do what they enjoy first and foremost. Merry Christmas, hit the blunt for ya boi a couple times.
  7. No one knows Quake? This is news to me.
  8. "Why can't I get Hayabusa armor from spamming social slayer?" Good thing that unlock was broken...
  9. I would like this tournament design similar to how Guild Wars 2 does automated tournaments (on a cycle every X hours with premades being required). I would avoid ranked like the plague if it basically demand a premade based on the structure of it. (Winning with a team you don't exactly like from matchmaking and then being forced to play with the whole again with no chance of variance is not ideal.) You can argue that single elimination helps with this, and I agree but not as the primary ranked mode. There could also be a slew of other problems such as match fixing, though with systems in place to moderate either live or post results can help alleviate this. I think we can all agree that the quick play portion is functional for the larger % as they've proven they are exceptionally selective as to what turns them off from the game. I personally hate join in progress for FPS but as long as to#s can have a better chance of getting into a match from start to finish, it's fine. (Or even just allowing us to toggle it on/off would do a lot more good)
  10. Definitely. It compounds when you also consider regional preference like your example of DBFZ (or generally most popular fighters.) I do hope we can both have options like cross play and better support of both communities (classic and modern).
  11. Cast on my right hand in 09(broken thumb from Football) and all that did was expose me to more Infection maps and gametypes. The things you do for the things you love.
  12. I really hate the lesser of two evils here, but it's sad that it's our reality.
  13. The real problem is that there aren't enough "waifus" for me to get in Halo. I hope you're listening 343 because that was the real play for MTX.
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