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  1. There is definitely a skill gap, however some characters have a low skill ceiling and being good with them comes down to map awareness and positioning. If you are playing matchmaking solo, you are going to have a real hard time hard carrying 5 noobs. Playing in a group is infinitely better than playing solo in this game. There is already a decent competitive scene on PC, there have been multiple small tournaments that have pulled 40,000+ concurrent viewers on twitch, and there is a $100,000 gamescom tournament already scheduled.
  2. I highly doubt there will be much of a competitive scene on consoles. The casual audience will most likely hang around for a while, but the games longevity will come from the PC side.
  3. All future maps, gametypes and heroes are free.
  4. If the certification of a patch is delaying it on consoles i really hope they wouldn't delay pushing the patch out on PC. PC will be the competitive focus for this game, its unfortunate for console players, but it is just the reality. I doubt Blizzard will sacrifice the quality of their game on the main platform for the consoles. Hopefully it thrives on consoles as well, but the tournament scene will be primarily PC and that's where the focus will be first.
  5. They have previously announced that the games will be balanced separately from PC to console. So balance patches most likely will not be consistent in the future.
  6. If they set up in the door to the right pick pharah/junkrat and bombard them with explosives. If they are sitting back focusing the door use reinhardt to walk in and get a flanker through, tracer can dash through the door to get behind and flank, genji can parry/ dash through/wall run through the window. The goal isn't to completely break the setup right away, its to get a flanker in to draw attention to get your team through the choke. The maps are designed in favor of the defense on the first point because the spawn location is so far from the point that a few kills almost guarantees the capture. The second point is designed to be more accessible because the spawns are much closer and allows the defense spawn and get back. All capture/defend maps use this design feature.
  7. There are plenty of ways to get through that choke. Multiple characters can use the window and its pretty easy to make it to the door through the right of the choke. Send a flanker through the choke to the right to draw attention of the defenders and its pretty easy to break a hold.
  8. The fact that you are happy that they are releasing gametypes that were on disk 10 years ago months after the "biggest halo game ever" was released in perplexing to me.
  9. Am I the only person that hears a 2 shot burst from the BR? Ther is no 3rd shot sound.
  10. My point is the viewership is not going to be able to sustain a competitve scene. You don't even have to compare it to other games, just looking at numbers its obvious there isn't enough interest to generate the revenue to sustain the scene. Unless 343 is just going to dump money into it.
  11. Not doing well on Twitch and having a thriving competitve scene don't go well together. When Destiny streamed their pre release content it was the #1 game on Twitch, Pre release Halo 5 (The biggest Xbox One release to date) is sitting at sub 10k viewers. That is very very concerning for people hoping for a good competitive scene.
  12. The fact that top pro players are streaming this and its not even breaking the front page on twitch is a little concerning.
  13. The spartan chatter might be the most annoying thing in the world. Is it possible to turn that off?
  14. I'm sure everyone will be back complaining once the game releases and its trash, that is how its been the past 4 years, a vicious cycle.
  15. Watchout, fanboys incoming with the downvotes.
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