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  1. Actually nearly every fucking Halo did it Halo 2: SMG only start Halo 3: AR only start Reach: AR+weak Magnum start It was always comp settings that created the concept of a utility weapon
  2. But if they balanced the pickup weapons with equal autoaim and more damage then you'd just be complaining even harder There is nothing wrong with the concept of tier 2 weapons conceptually, you just think there is because Halo's execution of tier 2 weapons has always been horrible
  3. Yeah and you're completely ignoring that it came up in the context of the Pistol vs the AR
  4. How is that a thought experiment It's balanced around being strictly weaker than the rifles on purpose because it's a starting weapon As to whether or not the game should be like that is a whole separate issue from the automatics
  5. Because we just had Halo 5's first major event and the complaints about the AR are clearly ridiculously overblown That's the whole context this topic came back up Why should the game be balanced around low level play?
  6. No, the masses you're talking about either left for COD, or never picked up Halo because they play League of Legends Even your nostalgia goggles are rewriting history. Bungie and MS were major sponsors of MLG, providing thousands of dollars in hardware and games. The prize pool itself came from other sponsors and the event costs broke even with open bracket tickets. If it wasn't for their backing, providing MLG with a billion xboxes and copies of Halo, they wouldn't have had any money to put towards the prize pool in the first place
  7. do you think pudge is overpowered as well
  8. I'm just gonna quote this real quick: If that's your stance then quit beating around the bush and just come out and say it. If you think that useless noob trap weapons have a place in an FPS game then we're simply at an impass and there's really nothing more to discuss beyond that. Okay, someone finally came out and said it You just want the weapon to be a useless crutch. We seem to have some disagreement of what 'garbage' means, because that's exactly what garbage means to me.
  9. Were we watching the same game this weekend? You keep saying this is happening and there is a whole weekend of VOD to the contrary. If what you were saying was true there would be more AR kills than Pistol kills in the feed. When we're evaluating the balance of the game I'm afraid Pro footage >>> Your matchmaking experience. If you make the AR weaker then it would never get used period, which as I said like a page ago, might be what you want in the first place.
  10. We just had an entire weekend of halo that demonstrated without a doubt this isn't happening at all The AR is a highly situational close range weapon that you use in CQC against an opponent who is 100% going to thrust out of your crosshair The split between rifle/pistol kills and auto kills was probably 80%/20% and that's being generous
  11. But the games I just this weekend saw demonstrated that the AR is a non issue If I were to take what I read in this thread at face value there would have been tons of mid-long range quickscope meltdowns with the AR and SMG and this literally never happened As for the storm rifle, it's a projectile based weapon and deserves to be stronger than hitscan I think the real problem here is that for decades the SMG/AR and Plasma rifle were simply garbage weapons that, once you learned how to aim, were never useful in any circumstance since Halo 2 and you simply expect them to continue to be garbage weapons. The only weapon that seems over the top to me in Halo 5 so far is the Railgun.
  12. Okay, I'll bite. How is a useless weapon balanced? Triggered? I'll compare whatever I want to whatever I want. Instead of just telling me to stop doing things you don't like explain how H5 is not the most balanced weaponset in a Halo game since CE. I really want to see what kind of mental gymnastics you've got here.
  13. Oh yeah, the nostalgia goggles are real The autopilot levels of autoaim in Halo 2 combined with the dual wield gimmick ruining half the weapons in the game were far more gamebreaking than anything you could possibly think of in any other Halo game Halo 3 had erratic BR spread, shit movement acceleration, and an equally bad weaponset, but was still a better game than Halo 2 purely on merit of the lower autoaim and the lower autoaim alone Halo 5 is literally the first game since CE where all the weapons are useful and it seems like everyone just wants to completely ignore this Twitch views beg to differ H2A was a complete trainwreck, Twitch dropped the game immediately. The finals for the first H2A event had lower numbers than the opening games because the game was complete stalemate horseshit The X-games event started off sluggish but slowly gained steam and were quite respectable by the end Twitch is the current demographic that MLG/GB used to be 5-10 years ago. If you can't get Twitch behind your game, which H2A couldn't, it's DOA. The technical issues of the game had nothing to do with the H2A stream viewercounts being a total flop, they started out high in the 30k range or whatever, and only got lower and lower as the day went on, until they were like a piddly 6000 by finals or something.
  14. Game seems fine to me Compared to H2A, the game rarely stalled out into a complete stalemate situation The movement mechanics allow the losing team to constantly stay on attack The item density is more or less where it should be Automatics hardly seem like an issue, unless your issue is "these weapons should never be useful in any situation" You guys have spent months complaining about how the movement mechanics make it too easy to escape and yet the observer could barely keep up with the game at times as people were getting btfo too fast to find a living player to spectate I had a good time watching this event, which is not something I can say out of any H2A event Twitch numbers were good for a first attempt Personally I see long term potential in this game I have not seen in a Halo game since 3
  15. Oh yeah about that I spent a good deal of time modding H2 doing funny shit on system link and I came the conclusion that the hitmarks on walls were bugged and have literally no relationship whatsoever to where the bullets are actually hitting, for all weapons The more spread the weapon has, the more obvious it becomes. The bug was plain as day if you take the shotgun, make the bullets visible, and then make them move in slow motion In order to confirm this I modded the BR to shoot at literally a 90 degree angle and the weapon was in fact firing correctly, hitting people who stood to the side of the player, however the bullets continued to appear to be fired straight forward In a game where superbouncing was somehow a thing a bug like this really shouldn't surprise anyone
  16. False It has spread It has less spread than the H3 BR but more than the CE Pistol The third bullet of the H2 BR is as accurate as the second bullet of the H3 BR The absurd and grotesque amounts of autoaim in that game does a lot of work in covering it up. The autoaim in Halo 2 corrects shots toward the dead center of the hitbox where Halo 3 and on corrects it to the edge of the hitbox, making spread way less of a factor
  17. Anyone have a schedule for the games today? Though I suppose the bigger question is what are they thinking running an event from tuesday to thursday, all big esport events are usually a weekend thing I'm finding it really hard to find any information about this league Edit: Today is not the day I thought it was Still impossible to find any information about this league though
  18. The main complaint is that the pistol isn't strong enough. The game gives you separate settings for health and shield and you can twiddle the ratios so that headshot weapons are stronger while bodyshot weapons are the same.
  19. ok so you pick the one thing you can't fix and the other thing you actually can fix if you paid any attention to ratios in math class and ignore the 500 other things you can fix, nice work, you sure shot me down and made me look stupid didn't you?
  20. It's because people absolutely need to play whatever the ultimate tryhard competitive settings are no matter how dumb they might be In H3 I spent most of my time playing forge maps and a lot of the games were 1v1 or 2v2 on 1v1 maps and a lot of people agreed that 2v2 using the 1v1 settings was way faster paced and awesome than any 4v4 gametype. In reach I played a ton of 120% speed sprint or evade games when the no bloom patch hit, because we thought the mlg settings were a bunch of campy bullshit and zipping around the map like sanic was what me and the forge kids idea of fun was. If you like the no sprint campy stalemate bullshit so much, then what's stopping you from playing it? The fact that no one is playing or talking about customs at ALL is the main reason I haven't run out and bought an xbone yet. Maybe if it were $300 for the bundle I'd think about it but at its current price point I'll just wait until Halo 6. In the meantime I'm just twiddling my thumbs waiting for HCS to start as I occassionally stop by just to remind you guys there are solutions to your problems and you have no ground to stand on until you at least try them
  21. Anyone who's been around the community for a while should be totally unsurprised by how Frankie acted yesterday. He did it all the time back in the MLG days but I could never call him out on his bullshit because I was a moderator back then. The thing is historically the guy has always said one thing and shot all the complainers down with his little quips while Bungie and/or 343 are silently doing exactly what the complainers want for the next iteration of the game. Best example I could give you is how Frankie openly mocked people who bitched about the noob combo in Halo 2, even eventually going as far as adding a "Noob Training" gametype to action sack. Honestly both sides are guilty here. The way the community puts forth negative feedback is not good and the way Frankie responds to negative feedback is not good either, but he has been acting like this forever and has developed a cult of personality around it so he'll never change. No one wins. Personally if I was Frankie I'd just point the same thing I've personally been pointing out - the game gives you all the tools you need to address it's alleged problems in customs and no one is using it, provide some footage of what you think is a better gametype and I'll at least pretend to take it into consideration.
  22. I can't remember them all Dammy+Hang Em+Chill Out TS Warlock Flag+TS Longest Flag BC Flag+TS Dammy Ball Chill Out Ball??? I can't remember what the other ball map was That's only 10 gametypes and I can't remember the 11th Summon @@chaosTheory I'm sure he knows And I'm sure there's some maps in Halo 1.5 that are viable for 4s. Isn't there an Ascension port in there or am I thinking of some other map pack
  23. That's not true though, MLG was also played 4v4, there are some sick vods of Dammy TS and BC flag matches out there on youtube somewhere It has less to do with the metagame and more to do with a community service. If I were running the show I wouldn't want people on the sidelines waiting to play but that's just me and my take on things
  24. well i got my ass beat the timers on the side are pretty neat i would suggest you raise the player cap to 3v3 or 4v4 for two reasons 1) you'll never necessarily fill the server all the time and 2v3 is more manageable than 1v2 2) there are apparently some really fucking good people who can completely can take over a game, so it may be hard to get balanced teams in a 2v2 then password the server with "beyond" or something because the pub players in this game are not only really really bad but it seems like lagging causes everyone to have bad hit reg against you and they all have 200+ ping for some reason??? i'm never going to understand why south americans are so stubborn they refuse to play on south american servers in literally every game i've ever played
  25. That's the thing about Halo PC I played it a bunch on launch, it turned into a BTB only game over time That's one of the reasons I quit playing it
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