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  1. I like BTB for some mindless fun when I want to sit back and don't care about winning too much. Unfortunately BTB is a mess in MCC because you never get 16 player games (seems like it's almost always 6v6 for me) and it's full of Halo 4 kids. People who vote for Halo 4 should be thrown into an active volcano. This goes for SWAT as well. We badly need a Halo 4 playlist to contain them, like a leper colony to keep the sick people away from the healthy community.
  2. I doubt that. I for one could tolerate Reach but Halo 4 was hot garbage. Also people stuck with Reach for much longer, even though it wasn't as popular as 2/3:
  3. Halo 5 already has the tempo of a golf match because the maps are fuckhuge and people can sprint (and now thrust) away from battle. This game is fucking slow and will be boring as piss to watch.
  4. Played some H5 games for the first time. Immediate impressions: Maps are fuck-huge. Feels like I have to sprint constantly just to move anywhere. Thruster is even more of a "get out of jail free" card than sprint was. Multiple times each game I will have an enemy one-shot, he hits thruster, does a 360 and moonwalks safely out of danger. That plus sprint makes it a constant game of cat & mouse. Because of the above, games feel very slow-paced. This is not fast at all. Hell, Reach felt faster. I am spending 80% of my time running around looking for enemies. Spartan chatter is annoying and unnecessary. They shouldn't be automatically calling out power weapons or marking them on the map. Jimmies status: Stable, but unimpressed
  5. I am increasingly under the impression that 343 knows exactly what they are doing and are deliberately trying to change Halo from an arena shooter into a modern FPS to attract new players. (Spoiler alert: It won't work.)
  6. Pretty sure "anti-honeymoon phase" is not an actual thing.
  7. He didn't "drop the beta," he said he'd play it later. He obviously wasn't having fun at all and wanted to play some CE. The only manchildren here are the ones attacking Ogre 2 for what? Not slobbering all over H5 and saying how good clamber, sprint, and ADS are? Some of us are done with honeymoon phases. It's called 'learning from the past.' I'm not sure what you people expect them to change. They will tweak some minor things and that's it. Everything else is here to stay.
  8. This, of all things, drives me the battiest. How the hell do you even go AFK? Do you search for a game and then decide now's a good time to go clean the house or something? Ridiculous.
  9. Hey, maybe by 2037 we'll have some decent way to play CE and H2C online finally. Like Quake Live, or something.
  10. The scariest scenario is that they ARE working around the clock, and it simply can't be fixed by patching. I personally think the game is systemically broken.
  11. I doubt it. I think there was pistol spread in the PC version of CE. I don't think they'll bother ironing these things out to make it more like the Xbox versions. of CE/H2C. They'll get MCC into a patched-up mostly-workable state and then drop it to focus on H5.
  12. That's because SMG starts turn the game into rock-paper-scissors. It's considerably less skill-based.
  13. Not to mention the obnoxious and over-done announcements.
  14. Matchmaking is still a buggy clusterfuck for me. Crashes left and right. Oh well, same time next week I guess.
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