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    Legit trash, just having fun
  2. Personally I'd be happier if theyes just got rid of it in general, but I'll settle for a nerf. Magnetism is crazy, but I think the big thing that bugs me is how awkward it is to counter. Either the knock back that it gives it's victim needs to be gotten rid of, or the recovery animation needs to be made signifantly longer. That way you just can't charge at someone, sprinting across the map like an idiot and get rewarded with a free kill.
  3. Yeah, and there's grav lifts that launch you into space for some low gravity combat /s
  4. I'd just save the games. Allows more freedom for the editor.
  5. CaptKalnar


    Two scrubs trying to improve
  6. Hey, I recognize those clips! Nicely done montage.
  7. I enjoyed most of the them. The gun sounds, explosions and the like were all awesome. But the HUD noises bothered me, they felt 'squeeky' and too high-pitched for my taste.
  8. 100% footsteps should be loud. This promotes smart playing at higher levels, allowing you to react to situations better. That being said, slow movement should be silent. You should be have to flank people in smart manner. I mean, c'mon, people are saying that loud footsteps basically give you wallhacks in this thread. Just look at CSGO for example, you can hear foosteps from really far away, but it only adds to the meta of the game as you have to choose speed/stealth in your movements. Makes certain plays super tense, fun to play and fun to watch.
  9. I was REEEAAAAALY hoping it was going to be an epic montage parody. This was still entertaining though.
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