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  1. Yep, the 3D cube was my intention. I also prefer that one, although they both work pretty well. And yes, they were both designed with that hex shape in mind from the esportsarena website. I see the discussion about commentary, and how esportsarena may be looking for people who could cast halo/shadowrun. I don't know how serious they are about it or if they are allocating a budget to that (I doubt it lol), but that would be a dream for me and I know both games extensively and think I could do a good job - especially alongside Hard Way!
  2. @Oby: There aren't any serious Melee tournaments/events where the games that matter are played on LCDs. All top level Melee is played on CRTs because the delay is noticeable and top players do not enjoy sacrificing the perfection of playing with a CRT. Also, I actually don't think that Smash is more susceptible to slight lag than Halo. On the surface it might seem that way, Melee requires a high degree of precision and many more inputs than Halo. However, I personally find it much harder to properly aim on at a target in Halo playing on an LCD with lag than I do executing combos correctly when playing Melee under the same circumstances. The best way to play Halo in 480p is to grab an x2vga and a good CRT monitor and go to town. We use this beast at our LANs and it plays flawlessly. https://www.amazon.com/Sony-GDM-FW900-Widescreen-Trinitron-Monitor/dp/B00004YNSR
  3. Whoa super cool, we would go every weekend if we could run 2v2s for sure. Where's it located, any place I can find additional info?
  4. Big props to Hard Way for killing it all weekend. Dude was a real godsend and the event wouldn't have been the same without him. Also big thanks to Jeenyus and the Weedmaps guys and everyone else who helped and played. Thanks for making these events possible! Hey dude, you guys are running H1 LANs in Montreal? How do I get involved in this, haha. My brother and I would love to start playing some H1 again and would be awesome to have other people to play with. Do you guys do regular meetups, and where at?
  5. Oh snap, ranks are out for CE now? How's the population and competition on the 2v2 playlist?
  6. I check this thread periodically since I don't own an X1, in hopes of reading about nice changes/fixes that are being made. Usually it just gets more depressing though. I did notice a few nice changes when I played last week from the last time I played (probably a month ago): they moved the portal on the broken bridge in CO back into the tunnel, and they reverted to 4 grenades for 2v2. The grenade change is extremely welcomed.
  7. I'm curious about this because it means that MLG still has all the old VoDs even though they aren't available for viewing on their website (unless I'm incorrect about this?). What about the old gameroom videos that were uploaded by the users? I've been trying to track down MLG Gameroom videos for ages now to find old H1 and Shadowrun videos. If they actually still have all these videos I wonder if they would be willing to make them accessible again. I was always horrified when I found out that they dumped the gameroom entirely and all of that content was lost. What a special place the gameroom was...I still don't understand why they removed it.
  8. I strongly disagree. There's a lot of value in watching both sides of the action, and as long as you continue to explain things that are going on while things are rough for your team, it will make for a very complete stream experience. Honestly, this is probably one of the most important and defining aspects of H1, the power of map control and understanding how to swing the game in your favor when you don't have it. Getting dominated is part of the game, but how you deal with it and what you learn from it will define you as a player. EDIT: I'd also like to add to my previous thoughts about the benefit of having a knowledgeable opponent: Their decisions will often influence your decisions, and this sort of meta-game is not going to occur between players who are unfamiliar with the more subtle aspects of the game. Reacting to a decision that your opponent makes can often make or break an exchange.
  9. So I really like the idea of this, and this is a great medium to teach new people the game beyond the typical "adopt-a-noob" approach. I didn't watch the entire stream you did, but I did tune in for some of it (and I watched the HeH game you are referring to). I also understand your frustration with the game, and the problems that occurred while you were running the stream, and hopefully in the future these issues will be addressed. Having said that, you also mention the difficulty of mixing skilled/unskilled players and dealing with losing. You are doing this to help people, not to show how amazing you are at the game. The point is to introduce these concepts to new people, and help existing players improve their game and teach them new things, and I think you did this really well. I didn't see you complain too much on stream which is good, because that kind of stuff will detract from the actual goal. I will say that I actually enjoyed watching two teams each with one knowledgeable player and one newer one. When you were playing against Batchford, you were actually commenting on the smart plays that he was making, and these are the kinds of things that the viewers will be picking up. There was one situation in particular I remember that happened on Chill Out near the end of the game. Batchford's teammate spawned in a "strange" spot and was able to clean you up. You were very surprised, and concluded that Batchford had actually run straight to the health pack right after you killed his partner previously and got his teammate the random spawn. You made a comment about how fast Batchford thinks, and I thought that it was a really cool thing that played out on stream for newbies to learn from. If you are playing with 3 newer players, I'm not sure how interesting it would be to watch games between the two teams or if the games would yield many interesting scenarios like that. Just something to consider when you do future streams, and I hope that you do. I plan on getting an X1 this summer sometime, and I am very interested in contributing to the community by teaching new players in a similar manner. Good luck man, and keep up the good work.
  10. I like the idea of crowd funding future tournaments. It's a win for everyone involved; the people who are already competing will see an increased prize pool, the spectators will have a chance to contribute directly to the tournaments, and the increased prize pools would likely entice more people to participate in future tournaments. That being said, I think that one of the major hurdles that the competitive community has to overcome in order to grow to full potential is the difficulty of streaming tournament matches. Because there is no spectator mode in MCC, the only way to stream the games is if someone who is actually competing is streaming it. This has the downside of potentially affecting the quality of the connection for the players in the match, and also means that there is no real "viewer experience". I have no idea how we can overcome this obstacle...with the exception of a spectator mode patch, so I'm not sure why I'm even bringing this up. I guess I just think it would be really cool for the tournaments to be streamed by a third-party that provides commentary and visual elements to enhance the stream to the viewers.
  11. Don't feel too bad about John not getting the camo before shooting the rocket (although obviously that would have changed the outcome lol). I ran top powerup earlier that game and it was an OS. I remember you guys were both top blue and I started shooting you with my pistol thinking I could grab OS for invincibility; nope you guys both turn and instantly 3 shot me hahahah. I hope there are more H1 MCC 2v2 tournies. There are a lot of differences from the original and a lot of inconsistencies that make the experience less enjoyable but at the end of the day it's still Halo and it's still fun.
  12. Your Team Name: Fir3 Winner: Roybox Round Number: Round 4 Score: 0 - 2 (Best of 3 games)
  13. Your Team Name: Fir3 Winner: Fir3 Round Number: Round 3 Score: 2 - 1 (Best of 3 games)
  14. Your Team Name: Fir3 Winner: Fir3 Round Number: Round 2 Score: 2 - 0 (Best of 3 games)
  15. Your Team Name: Fir3 Winner: Fir3 Round Number: Round 1 Score: 2 - 0 (Best of 3 games)
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