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  1. So me and my teammates are from Finland, which is located next to Russian and we got matched against guys from Nevada(west coast). Love that crispy +300 ping.
  2. Why are europeans being matched against americans? +100 ping in FPS is way too much and it can't be about popularity when the game is not even one week old.
  3. Agreed. Visuals and sounds mean so much and 343 has altered them way too much. And not only that but some of them are just bad, like warthog's sound in H4 and sniper.
  4. xboxdvr.com/I+KeBuli+I/a4383515-ea8b-4cad-bc20-0c6d7be2fde9 Guy wanted to camp at sniper, totally worth it It only cost them about 30 deaths.

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