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  1. So i am buying a couple new monitors, What are the best ones out? The Games i play are CSGO and OW.. was thinking 144hz and under 2 ms but do these really make a noticeable difference is the question?
  2. We will be running games tonight, it's Yack, JR2 is better and myself. We have all been to plenty of LANs (MLG, AGL, Locals etc..) We are all from Massachusetts. As this is new game and I don't care how many top 32 placing you had in other halos. If your good lets run games, be able to play in online tournaments/attend events. We will be on tonight around 7:30 EST. msg me on xbl or twitter.
  3. Bump.. still looking running games tonight.
  4. Myself, Weiks and illvst need an experienced fourth! Must be able to attend season 2 opener! msg me on xbl to run games.
  5. im shocked that people are shocked by this, why do you think T2 lives in a little apartment now, hes literally top 5 dumbest halo pros of all time, terrible money management, hes the least professional player since zyos
  6. Looking for a team ASAP msg me on xbl to run.
  7. whats up dudes, i am from framingham, ma been to tons of local lans and a couple mlgs hit me up to run customs
  8. bump officially need two, if your a good t02 msg me
  9. depends on how quick we fill this spot
  10. Looking for one to play in ESL on Sunday, must be experienced well rounded player with good communication. Msg me on Xbl to run games.
  11. add me GT: bLaaQk tons of LAN/Event experience!
  12. Looking for a team for HCS among other things, I've been to multiple MLG events, most recent was D.C for reach. If you want to run games send me msg or add me.
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