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  1. At this point I can't even get mad about 343's practices anymore. Just frustrated and disappointed. My best case scenario is Halo ends after 6 and 343 makes a new IP. Maybe they'll make a Halo: Arena spinoff, no campaign or story mode, where they just keep adding onto the multiplayer ala CSGO for years and years--I mean, H5's multiplayer is pretty good, if not particularly Halo-esque. Then maybe it'll have enough content eventually.
  2. Probably the best way to describe 343 vs Bungie Halo that I've heard. The worst part is that 343 is actually a very good developer just maybe not for Halo. I wish Microsoft would retire Halo from a story standpoint, keep reiterating its multiplayer, and give 343 free rein to make a new IP of their choosing.
  3. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks so. I'm anything but addicted to Halo 5's multiplayer (not bashing it either--it's very serviceable IMO, better than Halo 4's no question, but not doing much for me in terms of sustained interest or being all that good outside of the Halo vacuum) but BLOPs 3 looks like de ja vu in the worst way. Viewer counts were high during beta and many streamers "praised" it though, so who knows.
  4. This is what I want most in Halo 5. This. Not Warzone, not campaign. This, even if it doesn't feel like Halo CE 2, I want it for the epic nostalgia trip.
  5. 80% Campaign time spent as Team Osiris . . .
  6. I think most people on this board would agree that sprint is half the problem with the maps. We could work from there and we'd already have fixed a mess of problems that 343 won't.
  7. Pretty sure he's referring to the fact that all UNSC maps look the same. If it wasn't for alternating color tinting, most people would have trouble distinguishing Eden, Empire, Fathom, Rig, and Plaza from one another.
  8. "Why are there so many variations of this same map?" -summit1g referring to Eden
  9. I know you're speaking primarily of gameplay and map elements, but you bring up a point that can applied elsewhere in 343's designs: I don't think I'll ever understand--not as a game designer, not as a graphic designer, not as a conceptual artist, not as a creative writer--how changing Halo's visual identity (Master Chief's armor, BR design, rockets design, announcer enthusiasm, shield regen sound etc.) could have ever seemed like an intelligent move for the remotest reason whatsoever in any corner of anyone's mind. Did Kojima change MGS's '!' ping? Mario change its visual style from each mainline game to mainline game? Does ANY game dev change some of the most recognizable visual elements of a game for presumably no reason? (That I'm aware of, anyway) Sure, they're different artists from different studios. Walt Disney's original artists have been dead for a long time yet modern Disney never radically changed Mickey's look outside of simple modernizing--they just hired people who could replicate his art style. So different artists can't be the reason. Meh, I'm just salty they replaced the SPNKr.
  10. I don't want maps that simply work and aren't offensive, I want ones that are actively good and interesting. For Halo, that should be the minimum. I believe it is the reason why I've only occasionally enjoyed watching the pros play H5 the past two days. Personally I'm a bit worried. Then again, people watch Destiny like a drug and I find it more boring to watch than any Halo game to date (except maybe 4). So I'm not really in tune with the masses.
  11. Has anyone been able to mess around with the CE pistol yet?
  12. Watching 2gre play on Regret is much more interesting than the Empire/Eden/Fathom games I watched last night. It's either because he's really fun to watch or Regret is a more interesting map or both, but I'm glad either way. Still, 1 maps out of 4 isn't a great ratio...
  13. Bland as in uninspired in aesthetic design, not color. UNSC maps in particular.
  14. I don't know what it is, but the game is just boring for me to watch right now. For reference, I also found Blops 3's beta mind-numbingly boring, and can watch Destiny only a good five minutes before I mentally clock out. Dark Souls, LoL, and Counter Strike I can watch for ages. I didn't even mind H2A for long periods. If I had to attribute it to something in H5, maybe it would be how bland the maps look from a visual standpoint. Frustrating as hell that I can't pinpoint the reason though. Thrusters certainly don't help.
  15. The fanbase has been beaten, battered and betrayed time after time after time after time after time after time after time after time that they've gotten to the point that hardly anyone will rock the boat anymore. If they do, legions of Xbox fanboys flock to 343soft's defense and chant "adapt" or "you just want Halo 3.5" or similar drivel. It's why the outcry for splitscreen, forgeable legendaries (seriously, what's the point of adding the CE pistol if we can't forge maps around it), and lan will never be raised to the level they should.
  16. If they don't raise the member cap, maybe we should create a second BE company. BEta company. I DO NOT volunteer. I like my cushy #99 spot.
  17. Whoo! Got in. Can't wait to slaughter with everyone, thanks. EDIT: Aaaaand, Athlon Chest armor.
  18. "It's true guys. We can show you proof, but we don't wanna. But trust us, we're from the internet." Not the best case to cement their argument EDIT: Also Edge kinda sucks for browsing TeamBeyond.
  19. http://kotaku.com/stop-preordering-video-games-1713802537?utm_expid=66866090-52.r5txldOmRkqnbJxnyozIeA.0&utm_referrer=http%3A%2F%2Fkotaku.com%2Fsearch%3Fq%3Dstop%2Bpreordering%2Bgames Not a fan of Kotaku, but they make good points why preordering is a negative for the industry at large. With the exception of Dark Souls games--which I know from experience will always work bar some catastrophic change in From's management--I can't justify preordering most games, especially from a developer with a track record like 343. Also a good Forbes article on the subject: http://www.forbes.com/sites/davidthier/2015/01/14/video-games-are-going-to-get-worse-as-long-as-we-keep-doing-this/ Reference the sig.
  20. Even back during the "Doom clone" years we got games that tried to mix things up and did so with a lot of success. Duke 3D, Hexen, ROTT, Dark Forces all brought things to the table that have helped enhance the genre and give themselves their own identity. Besides, back then Doom was pretty much the first FPS that didn't suck (Wolfenstein was great and all, but bland in every way compared to Doom) Comparing today, when the FPS genre sells more than any other game genre in the world and back then when it was still new (albeit getting popular) is a bit silly, IMO. Even then people were more open to creativity in design than now. And EVEN THEN, Quake came out and blew open the doors to more innovation in the genre in 1996--just a few years after the release of Doom. Bioshock is the last game I felt that actually pushed the medium forward in any meaningful way and that launched in 2007. Besides that and maybe Team Fortress 2, things have been stagnating.
  21. The majority of the FPS industry has been doing little more than copy-pasting ideas from one another for years (mostly CoD and now Destiny). Monetarily it's doing great, creatively it's a hot mess.
  22. I hope Breakout has some non-Tron maps, preferably ones that actually make me feel tension in the environment when playing. I've given up on finding it interesting to watch--even Unyshek's comeback video did little for me.
  23. Disagreeing with the direction 343 is taking Halo is in itself a valid complaint for pretty much any Halo fan who played the original trilogy to have. Saying otherwise is wonderfully ignorant, as is saying that most people who dislike 343 hate them just because why not. 343 have done a LOT to earn Halo fans' disrespect and ire over the years. Luckily for them, the internet's average attention span is one year tops. However you're also spot on in saying that some do take it too far with their vitriol. At the end of the day, it really really really really sucks for longtime fans watching a piece of their childhood get contorted until it's barely recognizable. But Halo is still just a game, no need to ever threaten the developers lives over it (like death threats over MCC . . . ugh). And to 343's credit, Halo 5 is a vastly marked improvement over Halo 4.
  24. Because I was talking strictly about reviving teammates, right? Although to clarify, I actually don't have a problem with the instantly recharging shield mechanic. I'm just not a fan of this generation of games holding Destiny's mechanics on a silver platter like they did for CoD last gen. The FPS industry's best has a bad case of "take from others, don't innovate yourself" right now.
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