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  1. I agree. With smaller maps and no sprint, abilities such as the thrusters or slide would be decent additions and wouldn't kill the core aspects of gameplay
  2. I still feel the spartan abilities will kill this game. They can nerf them as much as they want but the damage has already been done. Might as well let me turn into a big bubble shield and let other people enter my shield...
  3. On a positive note breakout looks like a fun game type however, I've played similar games in customs which makes me think it's not that really that new of a game type. I think halo5 will need good game types to be enjoyable. I'm sure they fixed KOTH and hopefully they did the same with oddball and ctf.
  4. http://a.disquscdn.com/uploads/mediaembed/images/1441/1109/original.jpg this is one control scheme available. Found this on ign comment section. Sorry if this has been previously posted.
  5. did flamesword just crawl out of a cave?
  6. The machine gun/smg already looks like it needs to be nerfed
  7. 343 heres a thought don't change whats not broken.
  8. "What ability is going to be nerved first?" Hopefully all of them to the point where they do nothing
  9. Face cam so when fearitself plays I can only see his forehead. However, on a serious note cater a little more towards casuals and new viewers. Not everyone will know players backgrounds and team history.
  10. Agreed. Hoping for the best, expecting the worst.. sums it up pretty good
  11. you should be able to. I read it somewhere that you can watch it from your xbox
  12. Great post and I completely agree. For whatever reason I believe 343 thinks that the game needs sprint to survive. Sprint brings so many negatives that ruin the core of the game. I also believe it is what ruined ctf and led 343 to creating that godawful version of ctf in halo4.
  13. I was told "If you click on the halo fest count down on your xbox dashboard you'll see a spartan holding a battle rifle with no sight on it." Can someone confirm or deny this statement ?
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