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  1. I'd love to see LB run with some am's and give some the chance they deserve. Feel like he's the type of guy you'd want to lead you into the pro scene, but thats just me.
  2. Currently at one here in Cali. Idk how it's going/went for you guys, but these MS employees don't seem like they're at all prepared for this
  3. 1. OpTic 2. nV 3. Liquid 4. Splyce 5. Str8 6. LG T8. Team Randa (or whatever their org is) T8. TBD (Ryanoob's team) T12. EG + Ronin
  4. Vegas Prediction 1. OpTic 2. Liquid 3. nV 4. Splyce 5. Str8 6. ALG 7. Pnda 8. EG 3sUp and LG Landing in Top 12 ALG does have the chance to get bracket fucked again, which could see them place 8th max. If that happens, EG top 6, Pnda still in 7th.
  5. Now that I'm somewhat surprised about. Thought Splyce was doing pretty well with this line up
  6. Really debating on buying a 3-day pass seeing as I'm literally 20 minutes away from the studio, but it's really hard trying to justify paying $65 for the pass
  7. ShawKuh


    ayy lmao
  8. Didn't realize some of the older pros were still playing. Was nice to find FiS, Twin Savior, and Demon D's names on the roster list
  9. If I recall correctly, he's the one that made Starcraft 2's ladder system and Black Ops 2's league system. He helped create Halo 5's league system before leaving to work with Activision, but he left before the game was released.
  10. when you find out your post from last night somehow got deleted
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