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  1. @beamimpact, really nice video, thanks for making it. i'll be sure the appropriate people see it. things have been way too quiet lately
  2. i've never been certain. i managed to explain it to myself both ways convincingly. either way, the values are different, and might be part of the problem?
  3. all this talk made me want to look at the rocket's magnetism and auto-aim values. i found something interesting... pistol and sniper values included for reference. i wonder why gearbox added some auto-aim for rocket launcher, especially since it was the only weapon to have none, and the game was played with a mouse. and furthermore, i wonder if 343 took it back out. i had found it in my original research last year (half way down this page: snapstarr.com/halomcc), but i was never informed if that was fixed. so what's causing the rocket to veer? nevermind the lag causing it to change course, should it even "lock" to a player like that? i guess rockets did have magnetism originally (i wouldn't have guessed). anyone ever see any projectile adjustments on rockets when playing og?
  4. been talking with phorce about this for probably two months now. to put it simply, we've noticed that just his presence in the game seems to make his teammate have a horrible time, even when he's not involved in a gunfight. we didn't want to believe it, but i'm glad you mentioned it here, thanks. i will formulate a best-guess explanation to send to 343. in the mean time, do you think you could somehow capture your findings? run a custom with some people across the pond and record maybe 3 minutes or so per host, possibly demonstrating the differences? that would be very helpful.
  5. i've reached my tolerance threshold with this game. the crazy code that resulted in this painfully annoying issue needs to get found and fixed. bullet redirection / wall interception is pissing me off as much as the psychotic removal of magnetism on april 21st. thanks for the help with the og footage @chumpp: https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/3dn7ju/chumpp_and_i_made_a_comparison_video_between/
  6. i don't own a single apple product, but my company is issuing each pilot an ipad mini as part of our electronic flight bag in a couple days. hopefully they won't be locked out of basic web browsing and i'll be able to run some tests to fix that for ya. what's not working for you? i've had trouble in the past with apple products not registering click/tap events, but i thought i took care of it. i've added some "touch" listeners to the register buttons to see if that helps. let me know.
  7. or just see http://www.halobugs.com/#?b=124 it's been known, but i never capped it. thanks, i've added it to the list (http://www.halobugs.com/#?b=153)
  8. heard the other team a few days ago too, for the first time. kids in prisoner had comments almost every time they died. "oh yeah right he did that." "fuck this kid" "no way this kid knew i was there" "he throws a perfect grenade, okay" i mean... i'm not gonna say i never do it. it was just funny to hear. @@Teapot, i think it's actually a bug, because i was playing with nexy at the time, and he couldn't hear the other team, so it's not like they had the game chat set to "Everyone" or whatever it is. maybe something changed in this patch? further "improvements" by 343 intermittently breaks other things? would be par for the course if you ask me.
  9. on a separate note, there are still a bunch of registration issues. and bullets are curving and getting intercepted by walls A LOT for pistol. snipe too. i even had a rocket curve up after it was airborne, blatantly. all these discrepancies are 100% connection-dependent. my job literally IS travel so sometimes i bring my box and play from hotels... i see all sorts of different shit depending on my connection. sad that they can't get this right. some aspects i understand... lag compensation with pings that vary by the second has to be difficult. but curving rockets? wall-intercepted bullets? ping-dependent magnetism? why does that stuff happen? really frustrating.
  10. i do run out on hang em every once in a while. the problem is, i was running out all the time. in damnation, pris, chill out... didn't matter. to me, that's a good enough indicator that something is askew.
  11. same. unplayable IMO also, to me, MCC camo seems similar to og in terms of distance to true-invisible. with how totally crappy it was at launch, i can't really ask for more. it's a fine art getting that to represent og at all using halo PC's horrible shaders and modern 1080p clarity.
  12. that's what i've been trying to say. zero mag and too much mag for high pingers are both unacceptable. the game hasn't been properly emulated yet, so telling 343 they did a good job by removing magnetism is the most ass-backwards thing i've ever heard. i get it, the flow was partially restored, but at the expense of hilariously stupid looking shooting and empty pistol clips. i've never been that bad at halo that i run completely out of pistol ammo frequently.
  13. yeah, path correction is affecting pistol and snipe also, which is a big problem. i wasn't saying they fixed the game, i just don't think zero magnetism was a step in the right direction. yeah they made it harder, which it needed (and now needs again) but they did it the wrong way.
  14. don't we all want the same thing? unmolested halo 1. what's causing this huge difference of opinion among us? i don't get it.
  15. you fruitcakes are acting like three shot kills aren't supposed to happen. they're part of the game, remember? just because you never heard of KillerSniperBoy89 doesn't mean he can't aim, and just because you can three again doesn't mean they broke the game. THE ORIGNAL GAME HAD MAGNETISM YOU FUCKTARDS. you used to get TSKs. if you got three'd by a random in OG, you'd just say "well it's halo, and sometimes i get three'd" and then you'd try harder not to get three'd next time. stop being so goddamn negative. is the purpose of this thread not to restore the game to it's original state? because i thought it was. what needs to be focused on and fixed? curving bullets / wall interception. if you don't know what it is, here: http://www.halobugs.com/#?b=124 if you've never seen it or felt it, pay close attention to your snipes on host. it seems to be happening a little less with this patch, but still happens to snipe, and pistol too, according to relyx. what else? on-host magnetism as compared to off-host magnetism. let's all run some games, pay attention to whether you're hosting (use the zoom sounds, even if it's not 100%) and analyze the differences. if after a couple days of testing, the general consensus is that magnetism needs to be dialed back by 10% or 20%, then that's what we'll ask for. but stop saying scrubs shouldn't be threeing you, not everyone who can shoot has a name you recognize. some of you really seem to be forgetting that three shot kills were a part of this game, and they do happen. they're SUPPOSED to happen when you shoot someone from their six. let's not think about who should or shouldn't be threeing you, let's compare it to what halo 1 actually felt like. stop trying to make the game harder than what it was. if you're not here as a purist, kindly go play a different game.
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