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  1. When playing Breakout, I feel as a point should go to the team with more players alive when time runs out..draw rounds should be when its even on both sides and the time runs out
  2. different medal icons. i dont want to be reminded of h4 lol
  3. this was my favorite map in Reach. shame there isnt a nade launcher in this game. Sticky det isnt a good alternate for competitive play. Definitely gonna check this one out!
  4. So tonight I kinda brought my pc and monitor to a local CoD LAN after sitting around for 10 minutes, talking to the owner of the organization and asking him about ever streaming his events. I threw together a very decent broadcast with an overlay, ect. But my problem was hooking up 2 mics to Xsplit for a dual commentary thing. I see them doing it on AGL (Both commentators are very clear and using two separate mics) I was wondering if Xsplit has that feature? or if i need a different streaming program? we ended up just leaving the mic on the table with the boom mic sticking out and just speaking loud enough for it to be captured. I was wondering if anyone knew how to make it so we can Dual-Commentate our next event?
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