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  1. Fake or not, we saw leaked footage and It looks terrifying.
  2. Name: Lance Balaoro Gamertag: Balaoro Games Played: All Halos Area in California: San Jose (Hellyer) Future Gaming Plans: Planning to compete locally, online and major events. Very dedicated player so hit me up with a message here or on Live
  3. Thanks bro, I'll be sure to stay active on this site, I'm already diggin it.
  4. Hey what's up guys, New to the site, not new to the halo scene though. I've been in the competitive scene since it was first introduced to me by my older brother back in 07, I'm 18 now so I've got some time to make it to the top (if possible ) None the less thats about it hahah. My Gamertag is: Balaoro HMU if for customs, looking forward to compete in online events then work my way towards LANS

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