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  1. Is it just me or does the image below the Forge portion suggest playable Elites?
  2. Someone managed to hack into my email address and steal all my game accounts (Xbox, Steam, etc) yesterday, which isn't fun. Steam support takes forever to get back to you. They managed to take out all my 2FA info and replace it with their own, rendering my email useless. I've been with customer support for a while. Got most of my accounts back, but still a pain. I'm kind of wary about 2FA systems now. Gmail managed to tell me it's my fault and that I'm not the owner of my own email, so much for that. I dunno, just a small rant I suppose. This is the first time this ever happened to me and it's quite frustrating. :P
  3. It's more or less the fact that you are ruining that game for others by abusing the system, and not only that, but for the sole reason of self-benefit. In all honesty they should fix it already by getting rid of the infinite grenades.
  4. Halo 4 was too casual while Halo 5 is too eSporty. You think 343 would get it right so that there's enough for everyone. Maybe next time.
  5. What? Oh god I hope not. Once was enough.
  6. I seriously hope you do. They're fun to watch.
  7. The main reason why I asked is because, at least I believe, it left a bad taste in a lot of Halo fans' mouths because it strayed away from the core fundamentals of what a Halo game was (since it had Halo in the name, of course), as far as mechanics go for the most part, such as bloom, low gravity, armor abilities, etc etc. I was curious as to if it was it's own separate series and/or game, if it would've been received a bit better than it having the Halo brand attached to it.
  8. Yes. It's a weird choice of version names since it bares a resemblance to another series. In Japan (and to a lesser extent, North America) there was a series called Robopon, obviously a Pokemon clone. We got the Sun version, but there was also a Star and Moon version in Japan as well. I don't know why, just reminded me of it.
  9. If Reach was a standalone game and had nothing to do with Halo at all, would people like it at all? I'm just curious because reasons.
  10. Once you log in, click on the reputation tile.
  11. http://enforcement.xbox.com Yay for having a perfect record.
  12. Fantastic video. Actually learned quite a bit in a sense and re-evaluated what my definition of depth was. Also I lost it during that drug-induced moment during the Halo 2 gameplay, hah.
  13. Can agree with you there.. I don't know, the Forerunner artstyle they went with since Halo 4 seems a bit cartoony in my opinion. Not necessarily a bad thing, I suppose. It's definitely not my cup of tea, however. The artstyle in general has a World of Warcraft sort of look to it, in my opinion.
  14. A map based on the assets from the Battle of Sunaion campaign mission would be a nice change of scenery. I don't know why but I really loved the assets from that mission.
  15. They should've made the maps closed rather than open as well. Not sure if ball coming in contact with killzone resets it or not.
  16. They haven't fixed/balanced the autos yet? Yikes. That was also quite a major gripe of mine.
  17. No flack intended, but why is sprint a 50 while slide is 25? I'm honestly curious. I'm also curious to how slide would be implemented if sprint didn't exist. The assumption I don't like slide because it's tied to sprint isn't correct, by the way. :P
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