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  1. You guys planning on going to the next event?
  2. Looking for solid team to start teaming and getting ready for G4G! Things I do - Good communication - Good teamwork - Reliable - Open to criticism - No Rage Well want to run PGL and HCS online cups! Gamertag : Reaper HCS Twitter : @Howl_Reaper
  3. Im in Rio Rancho Be on halo 2 :chiefdancing: all day GT: XGeN LL Reaper
  4. I've been playing halo since I was 6. Ive been playing comp since reach. I'm ready to -Grind everyday -Go to events -Play in online Tournaments Good things about me. - Good Communication - Can take Constructive Criticism - Always looking for was to get better I want to play in the event this weekend! I'm 19 and I live in New mexico. Contact by Twitter @Howl_Reaper Skyper : wtfgriff Xbox : XGeN LL Reaper
  5. I added you bro. Do you have skype?
  6. Looking for 2 who are willing to grind and do online tournaments and travel to events in the future! Twitter : @Howl_Reaper Skype : wtfgriff Xbox : XGeN LL Reaper

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