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  1. I've had really good luck with MM, maybe the odd 4v3 game but thats it. Also I seem to join lobbies that vote H1 over any other game, its godlike. :-)
  2. Feel bad for the multiplayer only guys because this game has an insane amount of content speed runs and achievements, keeping me busy while they fix MM.
  3. So true, it was even delayed 2 weeks after the game launched and still didn't work. Remember the promise of heists? People are way too worked up about this, games been out 12 hours relax. If in a week it still isn't fixed you can all flip shit.
  4. Launch sucks but not as bad as Bf4 and GTA5 Online. BF4 finally got fixed last month a year into the game. Lol
  5. Just got my first match on lockout TS....OMG its smooth and the hit registration is insane. It's beautiful.
  6. If you take any chat somewhat seriously, you're ********. I respect the hell out of Nade and what he's built but thats fing laughable. Grow thicker skin.
  7. What a awesome tournament, as pissed as I am about the H5 stuff this event has me stoked about competitive Halo once again. #WeBack
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