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  1. Hey guys, been a while since I’ve been on. Can anyone update me on the rosters for this event? And a little backstory on the story lines If there are any?
  2. this is the greatest thing I've ever fucking seen, we're really going beyond our wildest dreams on here aren't we? Well guys it was fun I'll see y'all later i'll see myself out
  3. Is there a post out there with team rosters for this event? also dayum Beyond's looking slick now it just beep booped at me when someone replied
  4. I find it really fitting "story-wise" that the last two series of the last halo 5 tournament were between two halves of old nV vs optic Tox.
  5. ahh, but isn't that on them though? They should have practiced and they got distracted, that's their fault.
  6. What's up beyond fam, this is totally off topic but I'll be helping integrate social media content to the Eleague CS:GO stream today! I just wanted to pop in and encourage this esports savvy community to tweet using #CSGOPremier. Maybe I'll be able to put your tweet on stream! Feel free to delete this post if it's too off topic
  7. Did FearItSelf just kill Ninja in Fortnite?? That's wild if he did.
  8. All this shows is that hard work and dedication pays off. ninja has been steady grinding for 6 years now, making the right moves, no matter who hates. I feel so happy for him
  9. They're sitting in a pretty comfortable position, they need one more win to take the event, and even if they lose they have another series. No need to be anything but calm in that situation
  10. On the topic of viewership, I haven’t given a fuck about halo or been on these boards in over a year and I’m back because how this event has been run. The worst problem has been a tiny lip sync delay. Given Halo 5’s production history, I can live with that lol. I think if we keep pushing it will grow for sure
  11. Ah gotcha. I’ve been working on streams in the past year as an intern at a media company so I thought I’d throw some of my trainee knowledge at ya haha. Semi related - what encoders do you use to stream? If you don’t mind me asking
  12. Hey bro, can you tell your tech director to put two fames of delay on the framesink? It will probably put the audio in sync with the video. Thank you!
  13. Hey guys, I just got to dreamhack ATL. Don't know anything about the event, haven't even read the posts above me. What's it been like so far? If there's anything you guys want me to look out for/report, just let me know!
  14. feel for nV here. If they win, people will downplay it because snakebite is sick. If they lose, people will make a bigger deal out of it because snakebite is sick. They can't win. lol
  15. makes you wonder what it would sound like if they held an event in a location that actually cared about halo
  16. I just tuned in, this is sad. having just completed an online streaming production internship, this is sad this is just sad
  17. ELeague has actually dropped CS:GO and moved to Street Fighter V, which (to my knowledge) had about 200k viewers at Evo last year. While that's much better than Halo, it's nowhere near the CS:GO numbers but they still picked it up. I think Halo is making some good moves, but I definitely think having a LAN based pro league would be infinitely better than online in terms of viewership growth.
  18. It comes down to image. ELeague prides itself in treating its players like professionals. They cover costs because they want to set the standard of treating players like professionals. It's a smart thing to do if you want your players to be happy and if you want your brand image to be associated with professionalism and not a bunch of sad balloons. I mean, look at how the players talk about the HCS and 343. I bet you if 343 treated its players like professionals and spent the money necessary to push their league above the rest, they'd be doing better.
  19. Aren't Halo 5 customs available on PC? And didn't everyone end up using controllers for that anyway? Or am i mistaken

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