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  1. i mean i remember people saying that equal starts were a good thing coming out of H4 (cuz lets be honest, they were) but i don't remember anyone saying halo 5 was the pinnacle of gameplay simply because of equal starts. the game still had sprint and rebranded armor abilities, there was a pretty loud outcry about that and smart scope
  2. It's not even just the comp. settings stuff though, it's continuing a good relationship with one of the biggest publishers in the world. I don't really blame them for that. I've seen plenty of esports personalities get blacklisted because of the things they say.
  3. I feel like this is kinda harsh. You think these people are gonna bite the hand that feeds them? Like look at Elamite, he's had a very long and succesful career in Halo. You think 343/Microsoft woulda kept him around if he was trashing Halo 4 all the time? Gotta get those checks
  4. been hearing a lot of infinite rumors about the Battle Royale game mode, was hoping to find some conversation about it here but there doesn't seem to be much. Anyone mind filling me in on everything going on?
  5. real talk and i know this is a hot take but i was hype about the grappling hook lol. and the gameplay didn't look that bad to me at the time but as time has gone on i've been convinced that it's garbagio
  6. lmao i haven't been on here since the gameplay reveal and what a shitshow what is going on. so many staff changes, $5 shaders, possible 2022 release, possible loss of xb1 support, wtf is going on I was so hopeful back then - yikes.
  7. lmao this page has posts from 5 different years. kinda funny to see how much has changed. Juice WRLDs whole career came and went over teh course of just this page
  8. I think it's fair. But i'm not a huge vehicle guy so idk.
  9. yeah it would be like midship into truth. Can you imagine the ramp to s3 being as wide as the ramp to p tower on truth?
  10. RE: Remakes, I think the game should undoubtedly come with some iconic remakes but those remakes shouldn't replace original maps, but should add on. Most of this has already been talked about so i'm not really adding to the discussion here, but i'd like to see Narrows or Construct be remade, The Pit is still in need of a remake because the H4 version doesn't count. Skyline was the best Halo 4 map and I think it could work well. I don't think they can remake any Halo 5 maps because they were designed around the advanced movement, but if they remade any I'd like to see Coliseum. also there have been so many forge maps, but they still haven't just converted them into real maps. remake amplified or the other ctf map that i'm blanking on but with real in game assets (jk though i hated those maps lol) hot take but I think we're okay without a midship this time around. save that for the DLC
  11. still bummed they didn't keep the pistol.
  12. i have 1 friend who plays on controller and 4 who play on mouse and keyboard. but please, keep going
  13. i play controller on pc because i like playing on controller and don't care to learn mouse and keyboard
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