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  1. I think that campaign trailer should have shown off more weapons. Like, cool, they showed a couple new ones but we could've used more. And again there are 2 weapons i truly care about, the BR and the Magnum. Which one do i start with and can i 4 shot with it?
  2. just pls no bloom. I can live with everything else just pls no bloom
  3. Agreed. Sprint became detrimental to halo once it started influencing the map design. I really hope its influence is less noticeable.
  4. More pixels = a better black screen experience lol
  5. Do you guys think that the AR we saw was the Reach AR? I know people have been memeing the fact that it looks just like the Reach AR, but maybe that's the point? I notice that the BR is the BR55 model and not the Halo 5 model (whatever that is). Could it be that the Ring they're on is full of older gear, and that's how Chief has that outdated AR?
  6. I'm just saying when 343 has constantly failed to meet the 60fps expectation title after title, getting your hopes up that they'll blow past it and deliver way beyond is setting yourself up for disappointment.
  7. i mean true but that's not the world we live in. If Infinite gets a PC port though there's absolutely 0 reason for me to own an xbox.
  8. We haven't had a single Halo game that ran at a flawless 60fps at launch and when it finally happens people are upset that its not 120.
  9. Does any Halo have a custom games browser? genuine question. I also wouldn't count on a custom game browser on launch.
  10. meanwhile i'm waiting for the grappling hook 360 noscope montages
  11. i need one of y'all to buy this game and sell it back to gamestop so i can buy it used. I'm hype for it but swore to myself that i'd never buy another 343 game directly from them again after MCC.
  12. This is the real dealbreaker for me. If it's Reach-style bloom then I'll wait a year for the TU to fix it before I buy it.

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