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  1. I was recently at the MLG Columbus CS:GO event, it was run amazingly. No technical hiccups, amazing crew, ect. The last ESL Major got shit on by the public including the attendees. In my opinion, ESL seems to enjoy money rather than making their fans happy. I hope MLG will have it's place in Halo soon, Adam knows how to put on a show.
  2. David is literally the fuckin' best. He's got my vouch for life, if that means something to anyone.
  3. I will continue to say, Formal can replace ANYONE and that team will win Worlds.
  4. CS:GO actually had full length POV streams with full team audio. The CS player's union had this removed so that they can use more private strats and playstyles. (CS is one of the most tactical and team based games.) C9 was one of the big reasons the POV was removed, because all of the European teams could understand their English, but they couldn't learn every European language. (Makes pretty good sense to get it taken out.)
  5. Well, wouldn't these points be redundantly useless? They're first seed by a mile right now. Getting OpTic a free spot is one of their only options at this point. I hate the idea that such prestiged players would consider this, but throwing has been depressingly prevalent as of late.
  6. There needs to be a closer eye on match fixing. It's a real problem in other eSport titles with corresponding punishments. ESL sets an average of one year bans to players caught cheating.
  7. Yeah remember when EG picked up some no name because Ola couldn't compete? Look where they ended up, pretty good for a year but now they're about to burn him at the stake.
  8. Agreeing that Breakout shouldn't be in a BO3 that also has a Slayer gametype.
  9. The issue is, a BO3 with a Slayer and Breakout is over in 15 minutes, but it doesn't really dictate who the better team is. OBJ games like CTF and Strongholds show a lot.
  10. Made this for the new squad, Triggers Pound. I merely edited the D and cleaned it up a little. (I don't know the creator of the original, obviously this is old).
  11. Nice post! Make sure to get this to the subreddit, they love guides.
  12. urns

    Urns - GFX Work

    Thanks for the downvote on my first post then. For someone who has hundreds and hundreds of posts, I would've imagined more intelligent and thought out responses.
  13. urns

    Urns - GFX Work

    Trying to be a dick or actually saying the rules? If this actually breaks the rules I'll take it down.
  14. urns

    Urns - GFX Work

    Hey guys, Anyone that frequents Twitch and watches pros such as Lethul, Heinz, Mikwen, Naded and Ninja might already know who I am. For the past 3-4 months I've been developing my skills with Photoshop. I'm the main emote maker for a couple streamers, but lately I've been making Xbox One backgrounds. I'm trying to start a small little side business to help my college funds. I would be making any graphics work that you'd need, for a very reasonable price! A few things that I've made [tweet=https://twitter.com/LxthuL/status/535296442391609344] [tweet=https://twitter.com/D_Randa/status/536749812881063936]
  15. Gamertag: Urnss Customs/MM: Both Region: US - Chicago
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