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  1. + 15k watching Summit watching this whole thing. Wondering if people watching from the Live event app (Xlei or something) counts as viewer on the Halo twitch channel. Doubt it.
  2. Well, he have been playing Halo/Gamebattles for a very, very long time under his other alias - LiL Talent.
  3. And vice versa. A lot of the jokes in Norway are about Sweden and swedish people. :-))))
  4. Kinda bored so I just made this pic real quick. Will this be the result of today? Snakebite - Royal 2 - President Lethul - Frosty. Sorry for the bad Photoshop of the other than Lethul. Kinda hard to find decent pictures of them.
  5. One hour later for me. It starts at midnight (Norway). But hey, easter break. So no problemo for me at least. Rooting for Naded, but I expect CLG to crush them.
  6. Just bought the arena req pack bundle. Got the Mark V helmet and that shit in the first pack and in the second one I got 6 uncommon items and 2 common. All 3 of the wearable items were uncommon of course. What is life. I though I was getting rare+ items in these packs, lol.
  7. This req pack explanation ad thing is starting to annoy me. Also, anyone else from EU watching this? 4 AM here now. Gonna be a hard day tomorrow, but so worth it.
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