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  1. Absolutely love getting annihilated by the SMG. Now I remember why I traded this in before.
  2. Picked up the game again after a few months break from Xbox. Played a few arena games and players are still getting kicked at the start of the game?!
  3. Oh damn that's shit. Are they 10$ or 80k REQ points?
  4. So with these HCS req packs, can you only buy one each since the pack contains the HCS skins?
  5. Getting bored af with these maps. Give me some new ones pls 343
  6. Thank you, means a lot to me.
  7. Or no matter when you quit, you get banned for 15 mins. The way R6 Siege has done this is spot on.
  8. Had a couple of days off from this since it started to get on my tits. Looking forward to jumping back on it tomorrow - has there been any updates apart from BTB?
  9. Diamond 1. GT is Prophvt, pretty sure I have you already though?
  10. One day I play good, the next I play like utter shit. Is this just me or a typical thing?
  11. Started to watch Master of None yesterday on Netflix. If you are a fan of Aziz Ansar then definitely give it a watch. Hilarious.
  12. proph

    Film Discussion

    Can't wait to watch it. Strange that there is no torrents of it yet.
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