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  1. Quarter

    NHL Thread

    Watch out, NHL. We're coming for ya.
  2. Quarter

    NHL Thread

    I'm glad that after going through 100 years of history, the Leafs have chosen to honour the 2016/2017 Florida Panthers with their Centennial Classic sweaters.
  3. Quarter

    NHL Thread

    A source of the host of the Morning Show out in Calgary has told him that the Oilers have apparently offered Lucic max term in the neighbourhood of 7M/year. I can't tell if this is a rival media guy messing with Oilers fans or an actual decision by Chiarelli.
  4. Quarter

    NHL Thread

    I can't get over the Subban/Weber trade. Just ridiculous. Fire Bergevin. Fire Therrien. Fire everyone.
  5. Quarter

    NHL Thread

    I know of one person who has watched Logan Stanley for the past two years has him pegged as a 3rd pairing defenseman. That's only one opinion on him though.
  6. Quarter

    NHL Thread

    Juolevi at 5, eh.
  7. Quarter

    NHL Thread

    Fun fact! There's actually no rule in the rulebook that states teams can't make trades after the trade deadline has passed. The only catch is that any player that is traded after the deadline can't play in the NHL for the rest of the season (including playoffs). Because of this, there's no reason to make many big-time trades so all that leaves are minor-league deals which never really get mentioned because there's no news in some AHL journeyman or obscure prospect being traded away for a late pick in the upcoming or future drafts.
  8. Quarter

    NHL Thread

    I think I see Mike Ricci.
  9. Quarter

    NHL Thread

    Happy for Phil, sad for Reimer and the Sharks, pumped for Matthews. 12 days.
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