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  1. would any of you be willing to sell me one of your passes??
  2. don't know if you remember me but..... check this thread out and let me know if you're interested http://teambeyond.net/forum/index.php?/topic/8298-vindicated-to3-needs-1-for-ugc-passhotel-covered/&do=findComment&comment=357451
  3. We are on right now if anyone wants to run games, msg "MoNoXiDe Died"
  4. Vindicated- MoNoXiDe Died, Sterling Ag47, InHUMAYNIAC, ..... We are looking for one SERIOUS, DEDICATED, EXPERIENCED player to pick up for UGC St. Louis I could go into a whole bunch of info blah blah blah, if you wanna run hit us up, but PLEASE have event exp. We are on now looking to run games tonight so msg "MoNoXiDe Died"
  5. bump, looking for ONE to run with right now msg "MoNoXiDe Died"
  6. we are on running games now. MSG "MoNoXiDe Died" if you wanna run games
  7. played against you earlier today in customs. ill add you
  8. heres a link to my to2 post. gonna msg you on XBL as well http://teambeyond.net/forum/index.php?/topic/7989-monoxide-doors-to2-for-st-louis/
  9. Looking for two dedicated, solid, talkative teammates that are going to go to St. Louis with a well practiced and confident team. Really looking for a dominant slayer, someone who controls power weapons and is smart with them. DooRs and I have teamed together at past events, and both have plenty of event experience from H2 and H3 days. Events are up for grabs, a prepared team could take any event, and we want to be that team. We play every night starting at 6 est. Hit me up to run games. F/A's or To2, preferably with event experience Gt: "MoNoXiDe Died" @MoNoXiDeDied
  10. bout to add you right now. Lets run, we can talk bout my history
  11. Name: Alec GT: MoNoXiDe Died Age: 22 Location: Chicago, IL @MoNoXiDeDied (Just made this twitter for gaming) Event Experience -PGL Montreal -PGL Toronto -MLG Columbus -MLG Orlando -MLG Columbus -Nashville Combine -Chicago Combine I am a dedicated player, who is ready to practice with a team to compete in as many HCS events as possible. I want to find a to3 or to2 who is ready to be committed to playing. Players that understand losing is only a learning experience and winning is a reward for those lessons. I use to get mad in game, but that was when I was 16 and it affected my performance when it mattered, but that was years ago. Being older and more mature, I understand to stay calm and learn from it and I believe that is going to help my game play immensely. Halo is a game of straight teamwork, being able to understand each other. Players need to understand that you wont be the best team within the first 5 games together. If you think I will fit your team, please feel free to message me to run games. IG would be nice, but would rather have a prepared team for UGC
  12. ready to run games tonight. have plenty of event experince and can make it to St Louis. Gt: MoNoXiDe Died
  13. bout to do this now Gt: MoNoXiDe Died Wont sit here and list all of my stats, but I am experienced and would like to run with you guys and see what happens. If it meshs, awesome, if not, no big deal. I'm on for the rest of the day
  14. down to compete, add me to see if we mesh gt: MoNoXiDe Died
  15. what youre looking for is what im looking for in a team have plenty of event experience, and actually have a good relationship with the owner of UGC (met him back at nashville combine) Wont sit here and brag bout what Ive done, hit me up and we can run games. If things mesh then good, if not, best of luck. GT: MoNoXiDe Died
  16. BUMP lost 4th round in the Astro Tourney but had too much fun to not look for the right team. GT: Promo PMYE I'm online now
  17. add me, possible sponsor if we can do something online but dont want to promise that. Event experience gt: Promo PMYE
  18. GT: Promo PMYE MM/Customs: HCS Customs Region: Central Us (Kentucky)
  19. Team Name: Vindicated Winner: Tren Hard Round Number: Round 4 Score: 2 - 0
  20. Still waiting on the results for Tren Hard vs Slide FX before we can start our round 4 match
  21. Team Name: Vindicated Winner: Vindicated Round Number: Round 3 Score: 2 - 0
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