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  1. Hey all, System Stats and I have just released episode 3 of Pardon the Intel! This week we had special guest Unsurpassable Z who was apart of the Amateur bracket disqualification issues that went on last weekend between JuicyFruit, AyAyAce, and others. We discuss the drama that went down and how things should be handled in the future. We also talk about last weekends pro league results, along with our thoughts going into Orange County. I've added time stamps to the description so you can now quickly jump to the topic you're most interested in! If you're in between watching matches today, we would love to get your guys' support and mainly feedback. We are working hard every week to improve the show and provide quality content for the Halo Community. Lastly, if you're interested in being a guest on the show, contact me and we'd love to have you on Thanks guys!
  2. Hey guys, I'm from over the in the competitive Halo realm but I've recently started a new YouTube series where I try to give competitive Call of Duty a shot. So if you are bored out of your mind and don't mind watching a sub-par YouTube video, check it out. I don't come around this part of the forums often but I figured this was the most appropriate place. Any feedback on the video is much appreciated! Thanks guys
  3. I wonder if that new Xbox One S Halo Bundle has anything to do with this. I know the package includes both Halo 5 and MCC but I could see a lot of people wanting to play MCC first. Just a hypothesis. Edit: But I think we should be happy to see two Halo titles at the top!
  4. This is certainly the question to an extent. The game technically doesn't have a fully native locked frame-rate of 60fps because it uses the Dynamic Resolution to keep the game running at that frame-rate. So, yes in lay mans terms it is 'locked', but it isn't the same as what a game that is native locked at 60 fps without Dynamic Resolution. I believe that their form of Dynamic Resolution, trying to maintain 60fps by sacrificing resolution, is causing these frame-time issues.
  5. So I've recently heard about this "start" trick and decided to do a lot of research on what's causing this issue. Obviously there's no way to know that I'm totally correct but for whatever it's worth, I do have a degree in comp sci and have experience in game development so take that for whatever it's worth to you. Here we go. As you guys all know, at random times while playing, your aim will feel sluggish. Recently, Contra discovered that pressuring START resolves this issue. Here's why: So Halo 5 uses a thing called Dynamic Resolution to maintain its 60fps for multiplayer. For whatever reason, the Xbox doesn't wield the power to run the game natively at 1080p 60fps. So this was 343's solution to ensuring 60fps at all times, without entirely sacrificing resolution. Here's the issue with that. When a game runs at 60fps, each frame is on the screen for 16ms. When a game runs at 30fps, each frame is on the screen for 33ms. This amount of time that a frame exists is literally referred to as "frame-time" (You can learn all about frame-times on the web, DigitalFoundry, etc.). Frame-time has a pretty direct impact on input lag. The longer a frame is on the screen, the more delayed the games response will be from your controller input and vice versa. This is pretty self-explanatory. So, when a game has an unlocked frame rate, your fps will obviously fluctuate, meaning your frame-times will fluctuate between 16ms and 33ms (assuming you're between 30 and 60fps). In this case, the user will often notice certain moments of input lag because the response time from your controller input to what the game is displaying is quite literally doubling to when the frame rate dips to 30fps because each frame is on screen for 33ms instead of 16ms. But I said Halo 5 uses Dynamic Resolution, not Dynamic frame rate, so what gives? That's the interesting part here. While the game is locked at 60fps, the game is downsampling it's resolution during graphical intense moments to ensure a locked frame rate. My guess is that their form and technique of downsampling isn't great and causes issues on the backend, so when this downsampling occurs, the frame-time most likely jumps to 33ms. Therefore leading to the "sluggish, heavy aim" that so many complain about. So what does pressing start do? Pressing start is simply resetting the frames. More than likely, it's attempting to reset the resolution which will drop the frame-time back to a normal 16ms and your aim will feel responsive again. But as many have reported, it doesn't always work. That's because many times when you unpause, you're game might be once again using its Dynamic resolution if what's on your screen is graphically demanding. Why do we have to press start? That, I don't know. Theoretically, when the resolution is back to its maximum, the frame-time should return to 16ms but it certainly doesn't seem like it does. Which is why the start trick has started. This is probably unique to 343's engine and I have not a clue what's causing it. What does this all mean? Well, I can tell you one thing. 343 probably knew about all of this since day 1. They also probably won't ever acknowledge it because if it's a problem now, its most likely because they had no other solution. They had to make sacrifices and this is the choice they made. Maybe I'm wrong, but this is where I place my chips. Anything in this response can be researched pretty simply if I didn't explain it properly. Hope this helps guys.
  6. During the NA games last night, players were using tags like "CLG Lethul HCS", instead of his usual "Lxthul" gamertag.
  7. In theater mode, for a lot of the halos, it tends to be a bit off with where it shows the aiming ridicule and where it actually is. I would be willing to bet he hit those shots perfectly and theater just shows it incorrectly.
  8. Hey guys, NacSquared here. Recently, our great friend and 4th teammate, Zephix (Xavier), decided to retire from competitive Halo to pursue other desires. Because of this, we are now looking for a new 4th. We placed top 40 at IG Columbus and top 24 at UGC St. Louis, with online HCS placings as well, putting us at 19th in the HCS Standings. We currently don't plan on attending Gamers for Giving, unfortunately, but we are looking to compete in the rest of the online cups and to attend events in Season 2. If you are interested, please leave a little information about yourself, where you're located, any event experience, and of course your gamertag. Thanks guys!
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