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  1. I just really wish we either expanded the "pro" league team numbers in NA or at least held an actual amateur league along side the pro league. I'm sure the viewership would suck for a while but I don't think there is any other way to grow the community without making more than 8-9 teams relevant. It's obviously never happening, but it's a bummer.
  2. One life games in solo I agree. But playing in Duo and Squad can be crazy fun. You at least have the potential of reviving this way. And if someone dies you just leave and start a new game. Try a new strat. Dick around on a different part of the map, etc.
  3. I heard that the reason why EU players got flown to this event is because they never got their own finals while having 60 something thousand raised for it. So they basically used that money towards paying for their NA flights/accommodations. Not sure how true that is though.
  4. It's so crazy how no one knew there was a tournament today. ***Goes back to watching the full nV squad participate
  5. Who was the dude who struggled to put on sunglasses in front of thousands of viewers?
  6. I thought it was like both triggers, both shoulders, two face buttons and something else. I had an Xbox One in dev mode for a while but I forget exactly how you bring up the debug info.
  7. Really excited to see this Winners final against the two best teams Liquid and nV.
  8. I think it's really great how Ninja is paying tribute to Henry Heimlich with his performance.
  9. I don't think you know what that word actually means. A very large number of those people who get a job in an unrelated field aren't doing it because their college scammed them. It's because they changed their mind on what they want to do. Or wanted more money. Or didn't want to move. Etc. Etc.
  10. Except I never said that. Like you said, that was an assumption. Literally the entire point of college is to get a degree showing your aptitude in a focused field so you can get a job in that particular field. With some fields it's absolutely required to have a college degree if you want to work in that specific field. There are plenty of people who get business degrees with no focus and get a completely irrelevant job.
  11. This passive aggressive https://youtu.be/Eyc17rUCMqw?t=30 That was a joke based on how ridiculously out of context his comment was. As if he had something pent up he wanted to get off his chest.
  12. How passive aggressive is this forum on the regular to where you interpreted that as me being mad?
  13. Well now I'm confused. Are you trying to make a valid point or just vent anger about your older brother talking shit to you? How does other people not wanting to go to college...make college a scam? That doesn't even make sense when high.
  14. For the record I don't actually care if he plays Halo or not I was just trying to get the thread back on track with some haterade.
  15. I can't watch a Ninja stream without cringing myself to tears and hope he just retires from Halo DISCUSS.
  16. The young buckaroos in here seem to be confusing College Loan programs with College. They are in fact two separate things with one of them being a horribly mismanaged. There are multiple types of Colleges with a pretty massive range in costs.If you don't want a shitload of debt then don't go to an expensive private or state school. Vocational schools are still referred to as "college".
  17. Holy shit you're right. Why did I get a degree in computer networking on scholarship when I could have just became a professional Halo player on one of like 4 teams that makes enough money to live off of?!?! Maybe some people want to work in an advanced technical field that requires a college education. Some people don't want to just settle for whatever job they can find, they want to actively go after the job they want.
  18. But if you mean it, It's not actually sarcasm. You are just trying to play off a sincere comment as sarcasm because you know it's an asshole thing to say. I know this because I've been mastering it for decades now.
  19. That EG squad is going to practice less than Allen Iverson.
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