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  1. Then why don't you correct his statements by making a response video if you're knowledgeable about the subject? We can complain all we want to on TB, but we all know that no pros nor anyone from 343i/M$ come to these forums anymore.
  2. There are plenty of fun and viable options to play Halo on PC right now. Stop waiting for M$ to give you what the community has already done for you.
  3. Well, it's not like anyone else is talking about CE right now or even recently....
  4. I have a theory that since 2016 more people play MCC, than H5.
  5. Excellent video my guy! Lots of cool maps and tricks shown off here.
  6. As a competitive H2 player, host advantage on MCC is unbearable. Many guys have moved onto H2V/Projector Cartographer because the spawns and host on MCC's H2 make any full lobby not worth playing. Basically if there are 8 similarly skilled players in a game, the host himself or whatever team he is on is always going to win. You CE guys did the smart thing by implementing neutral host boxes and bot profiles.
  7. I'll add you dawg, this is all I do on MCC now.
  8. If we could just get Join in Progress for custom games....that would be so sweet.
  9. MLG forums were the fucking place to be back in the day. So much drama, so much information being shared, so much hype. Competitive Halo really took a hard hit when those boards when away
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