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  1. Maybe the competitive community could create its own Halo-clone by funding a credible game studio. The Devs there would just copy halo's best core mechanics and create the ultimate FPS.
  2. I think sprint itself is not a problem. The velocity you gain thru this ability is the actual problem. If sprint would be just slightly faster than your basemovement-speed, its effect on escaping and not getting punished adequately wouldn´t be gamebreaking. Actually sprint in this scenario would require a lot of overall game awareness (like where are the enemies and which angles are your enemies and mates holding), due to its low reward/risk relation. That would be a good thing in my opinion. P.S.: English is my second language.
  3. http://www.gamespot.com/articles/microsoft-wants-halo-to-last-another-30-years/1100-6424217/ I highly doubt that. Halo in its current state is not comparable to other franchises that actually lasted that long e.g. super mario.The way 343i has been handling things I would be surprised if Halo stays relevant another 6 years. What are your views on that ?
  4. the ranking system wont matter if the rest of the game is bad
  5. @@BlessedOrange 5:28 they are actually still tweaking things out today Kappa so painful to watch but still thank you for digging that out got +rep from me
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