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  1. Add away! Gt: x N y X i x Customs / MM /FFA East Coast
  2. Hi everyone My name is Nyxi. I have fallen in love with Halo over and over again throughout the years. I'm 30. So, there are definitely years. I met my Husband, and some of the greatest people I will ever meet because of Halo and to say it's affected my life is an understatement. I have to say I look forward to playing 2, then 3, then CE and honestly...Halo 4 probably won't be touched for a while lol Anyway, my hubby and I run an awesome gaming page -----> fb.com/akkiandnyxi on our YouTube there's a pretty fkn awesome Dualtage and we just released a Failtage -----> fb.com/akkiandnyxi We both stream I'm a little more animated...he's way more skilled lol -----> twitch.tv/xnyxix and twitch.tv/xxakkixx and before you say that I'm spamming or whatever, the page me and my better half run is a gaming page where we have a nice little group of awesome gamers coming together and MOST of them love HALO too. Sometimes we do giveaways and have fun tournaments with followers. It's pretty fkn awesome to see so much Halo love. I feel like a kid lol Watching the stream tonight .... nostalgia was over 9000. *sigh can't wait for Tuesday Enjoy peeps !!

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