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  1. Here are my questions/concerns. 1. How does 343 not see a correlation between between sprint/armour abilities and the decline of competitive halo? Sprint, thrust, etc. eliminates strategy and makes all areas of the map available at all times. I watched Walshy jump from red base, boot and the clammer to top midship and just to top blue in about three seconds. In halo two this would have required his team to have map control for him to take a route to top mid, then jump to the opposing base. This alone should be concerning and no part of the map is off limits, meaning map control is eliminated. 2. Halo kids are halo kids because it is not call of Duty. We don't want sprint, we don't want ADS, we don't want flinch. We want HALO. mcc tournes thus far have had so many close matches between top squads because it is all back to the basics, all about skill and strat. We want to see skill plays, snipes, BR duals, team shooting. Not booster packing across a gap and getting position advantage without any skill involved. 3. mcc has pretty graphics and great game play. That's the formula. You are releasing the first true halo for next gen, that is your ticket, bring back classic game play and use the great graphics as your selling point to casual fans. The old cliche if it ain't broke don't fix it applies to halo, too. What was the big change from halo CE to halo 2? Dual weild, hit reg ? Not a large change, but a Massive improvement to competitive play and mass appeal. SMALL tweaks, NOT CHANGES. You could release H2A maps for the next five years and make people happy because there's no fluff crap in that game. 4. As is, being a halo player since CE, I will not buy halo 5. It is sad because I have been at the same store since halo two at midnight to get the new halo. 343 has bobbled and bobbled and they have finally officially fumbled. This is a sad era for halo. By taking over for bungie they felt the need to differentiate, when really they needed to just carry the torch.
  2. Been playing since CE.. Outside of Pittsburgh want to compete. Gamertag: i Rancyd i Add me please, want to run customs at launch.
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