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  1. GT: The Acclaim Twitter: @Realacclaim 24 year old with a full time job. Availability: M-F 8pm-1am I work 11-6 M-F. Off on weekends so I'm free for all qualifiers Was champion in slayer and FFA but working five days a week and running playlists solo it became unreasonable to maintain it. Currently onyx 1900 in arena, slayer, and onyx in FFA. Aggressive player. Really high tempo. Slayer typically but I can do objective because halo needs everyone to be capable of doing it. Consistent shot, high accuracy. If you're looking to fill a roster hit me up to run games. I'm off work early today and all day Friday so this is a good weekend to get some games in ahead of the qualifier. Message me on Xbox or Twitter and let me know about times.
  2. Gt: The acclaim twitter: @RealAcclaim not sure what type of player you're looking for, but I tend to play really aggressively. don't have any pro points because I would have had to have had a team and people tend to bounce around teams too much or expect a tryout to be 2 games in a playlist and calling it a day. I've hit champion, but I do work M-F 11-6 so maintaining that is impossible.I am off weekends though so the qualifiers aren't a problem. http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/The%20Acclaim/screenshot/3774294 - highest champion slayer rank http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/The%20Acclaim/screenshot/3774297 - highest champion FFA rank If you're trying people out and want to run some games I should be online most of the night.
  3. Assuming your still looking to fill a roster. GT: The Acclaim Twitter: @RealAcclaim Work during the day, full time, but available nights and weekends. east coast (FL), 24. Sitting in onyx for every playlist except breakout (diamond 4) if ranking even matters.
  4. Definitely interested in running games. See if it fits, this game is all about teamwork and chemistry. Can't just plug anyone in. I'm on nights after work, and weekends. GT: The Acclaim Twitter: @RealAcclaim
  5. GT: The Acclaim Customs/MM Region: east coast
  6. It's a little late for this weeks HCS preseason but, I'm definitely down to run some games and looking to compete. Twitter: @RealAcclaim GT: The Acclaim
  7. If you're still looking for a 4th, I'd be down to run some games. Obviously the preseason starts soon GT: The Acclaim Twitter: @RealAcclaim
  8. GT: The Acclaim Tallahassee, but I'm from Tampa and my brother is in Orlando. So I travel a lot,
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