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  1. and since then the brand went downhill in terms of competitive aspects with each new sequel if only 343i would realize that a competitive multiplayer for casuals can also feel very rewarding when experiencing your own progress, it doesnt always need to be the CoD way by making things more and more easy anyway you forgot to mention that CE also has the best utility weapon
  2. topics seem to have merged, either way good stuff teapot for making it into R3 legend could probably team up with anyone and still make it into GF lol makes me want to play CE again lol, i assume 343i hasnt released a MCC CE patch since launch of H5 lol
  3. this is the topic you are looking for https://www.reddit.com/r/smashbros/comments/4r3dyy/question_about_getting_into_melee/
  4. this just came in, aim assist no longer seems to be a problem then! thats awesome all thats left is to fix the inputlag of the game now
  5. something that really annoys me when playing this game on the console is the huge engine inputlag every stupid input has a slight delay to it, the division has started with this trend and now overwatch follows i dont get why anyone would ever want their aim-movements to be slightly delayed, its like playing with a huge TV with inputlag compared to a CRT or gaming monitor... the only explanation to this is inefficient coding and optimizing, the game is anything else than a challenge to the console hardware another stupid decision is their aim assist slowdown, its just way too strong there should be an option to turn it off, the slowdown starts almost one meter next to the character and can even be experienced when aiming on characters through walls which is laughable (well they had assistance by the CoD developer idiots when coding the aim assist so thats probably why, who knows what would have happened if they gave 343i a call for assistance...)
  6. since not explicit mentioned, i only assume H5 clips right? no MCC
  7. aimwise 0smo is the best halo player ive ever seen overall though i dont know, too much parameters to consider
  8. region lock is the only possible way to play this game in ranked mode, once its too late to find games just bind a VPN with US IP to your xbox and you can continue to play vs US players havent played the game in month but did 343i finally change the matchmaking process? around january they were still separating the lobby search and the dedicated server assignment from each other, which they adressed to be a fault at some point the system basically just looked at each players regions in the lobby and assigned a random server in the region from where the most players in the lobby came from without pinging the players at all (which is a must to find the best server for the lobby!) this eg resulted in a 100% US east coast lobby to play on the seattle server since US is regarded as one region while the NY server would have been so much better incase its fixed now you can easily manipulate the search then to give you 100% EU servers no matter what region the players are from
  9. man i really hope the CE pistol becomes some sort of regular gun for any of the playlists, maybe even loadout as it is right now the TTK is just too high, competitive gameplay certainly would benefit from that would certainly motivate me to play H5 again, after month... i think every playlist except warzone would benefit from that, teamshooting has had too much of a focus since H2
  10. maybe the different gungooses and how to be a good support artillery with them, where to position and where to aim for max efficiency
  11. 343i: you should have went for the tanks co-pilot seat to make it out of there Kappa
  12. there are no guides because H5 requires less teamplay than you might think it mainly comes down to positioning and teamshooting to compensate for the slow TTK and the general densitiy of reachable cover + sprint which can mostly be done by good communication aside from that the tactical elements of H5 are rather low as the spawning weapons and powerups are determing the flow of the map the game just doesnt require as much tactics as eg CSGO or other tactical shooters, and the only truly tactically challenging gamemode breakout isnt as popular as regular TDM know some nadetricks, know where to position yourself in certain situations and do good callouts with these 3 and a team that can do the same you covered pretty much everything in regards to H5 teamplay/tactics
  13. i guess its mainly about getting your muscle-memory up, hours of hours of training the same move and you should quickly get better in doing certain button presses very fast
  14. http://oddshot.tv/shot/westballz-20160209212850139
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