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  1. I'm on T&R at the moment. love the line "no covenant, you HAD TO OPEN YOUR MOUTH." lmao, get's me everytime
  2. I don't pull off anything with the anni graphics lol. just leave it on the OG graphics
  3. the nostalgia is killing me. to this day I love the song freestyler solely due to this video.
  4. I remember trying that for hours way back in the day before finally getting it. Assault on the Control Room is probably the GOAT single player level. Over the years I'd bust out the xbox out just to play that level, even during times I didn't game that much.
  5. go into TS get a 6v6 on pris. runs at 5fps. thats being generous.
  6. reading this page tho..... .....weback. I guess it was more like last page. gg phone, you win this round.
  7. I lost it at "their synergy is incredible". he's the :goat:
  8. I'm not entirely sure, but strafing and the auto-aim seem to have less of an effect. I could just be making that up though, not sure. I might set up a custom and just test things for a while
  9. the lead will be totally based on ping. so everytime you are off-host it will be slightly different. just gotta find what range it beeps at that game and stick with it. when figuring lead try not to go off of if they are coming straight you. it's when they are moving at or close to 90 degrees in relation to you. so, then say they are coming at you at a 45 degree angle it will be around half the lead you previously figured. also the farther they are the smaller it will be, the closer they are the larger it will be. (not drastically, just a bit) alot of it just comes down feeling it that game. eventually it'll just come natural. but, by then, they might have fixed the leading. I'm pretty sure they are working on it.
  10. I feel like this topic should have 10x more reply's. maybe they are numb from being overwhelmed and can't comment. I should watch this each morning with my coffee to start the day off right.
  11. something odd happened today, reminded me of the H2 standby days. finally get some H1. only the host wasn't red x'ing, we were just stuck in lag as he ran around and killed us all. wonderful. not sure if it was intentional, or just the game messing up.
  12. shook followed me on twitter. lol. he has rap songs? oh man. I hope they are halo themed.
  13. I agree host is crazy. ive had consistent luck off host but only after playing on that host a while. changing hosts kinda starts the learning process all over again. ive won very few 1v1s off host, my buddy watching the stream was like "WHY DONT YOU EVER NADE". bad habits lol. host feels like cheating tbh
  14. god I wish I was still that good at halo. Im just your average old man these days.
  15. I feel you buddy, I really do. my first year of halo PC was summed up in that post. you hit me with some feels honestly.
  16. just trying to help ease the frustration some of you have with the game. my apolgoies my friend. I'll keep my insights to myself from now on.
  17. yeah, it took me a good while to come to terms with it myself. I don't blame you guys for freaking out about it. You should. I like it, just because I like the extra challenge it presents. but I'm like that with everything, always the hard way. I blame it on being a taurus (stubborn).
  18. well he didn't flash the shields and got 0 beeps. he did get a few sparks tho. the beeps tell the story. I actually made a breakdown of this encounter and where the reticule should have been throughout it. just right in front of them, as we all know anyway. the key is going the other way the second the strafe changes, maybe even before it changes. prediction is gonna be HUGE until they tidy up off host lead. (which they may or may not do, who knows) I'm not saying aiming how I show would have yielded better results, but it SHOULD have lol. just tryin to help :] Hopefully over time they make off host less brutal. EDIT: just noticed he is aiming slightly high the whole time too. not too bad, but enough to miss.
  19. I got a "connecting to dedicated server" message a few times last night. were we actually on one? hard to tell. didn't really feel like it.
  20. you were shooting behind him instead of in front of him.
  21. clever making me copy and paste. I now hate you for reminding be of the best glitch in halo 2, that got taken away. RIP in peace.
  22. the stalactites are up in 10 guys, get into position.
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