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  1. First thanks cyren for this thread... 343 i hope you take what we write here not in consideration but a lot more. 1.sprint cant stay really, up the base moveement a lot with a good acceleration,strafing must be priority in halo. 2.clamber for me can stay but with tweaks...my weapon in the animation must have the ability to shoot,this with the thruster can have some good things. 3.thrusters are perfect with no sprint 4. The stabilyzer in air is pretty good i liked. 5. ADS is obligatory to remove,really for me this are worse than sprint. 6.low auto aim was pretty good And for me even lower is better. 7.abilities in general can stay only with no sprint. 8.weapon balancing was good. 9.ground pound in first person can be nice even if is useless this ability some show is OK. 10. Spartan chatter and all this type of stuff i dont give fu** the gunplay is priority. 11.nice art stile i liked a lot. 343. Pls we want arena shooter too the max pls pls pls. Quake ut style with halo core plus these abilitis you have insert.
  2. I give up people...remember givee your awesome feedback( stupidgifs halo is dead ecc...) then go buy and play call of duty,is so competitive...
  3. Soo if h5 is like hce-2-3 and nobody on twich gives a fuck you still support the game or not? Or you go to play cod black cacks3 ahhhhaaa Cmooon....a good competitive game call of duty broh
  4. Mobas are popular beacuse money... If somebody thinks that type of games require some skill well i go to eat 20 antidepressive
  5. Hey fictius talk to me...that GIF means nothing
  6. look i am for no sprint forever but is real that halo needs an influx of fresh people for a lot of reason...if you are an hardcore halo fan you understand this.
  7. Soo we are not in 2004 when halo was alone in the market And now a lot of people is 30 years. My question is if h5 is like a ce or h2-3 and on twich or esport tourneys viewers dont give a fuck about the game you people are going to still support the game? For me no and you know why? Beacuse famous streamers or clans these days dont give a fuck about how good a game is the only thin that matters are the money. Look real beautiful arena shooters like quale or ut...they are stil these days the best but are dead in the water beacuse no money. Look some halo pros joined call of duty the shittiest competitive game in the fuckin industry and god never expected somebody who nave played halo to join the game that the majority of the halo community laughs. And beacuse iam mad tonight i have to say something about csgo... Csgo for an arena shooter on pc suck donkeyballs...its like a Cod veteran mode with no autoaim and no sprint, ahhhhaa and that is an arena shooter? Money= lot of streamers and tourneys,the rest come by itself.
  8. OK now i go in full mad mode. Soo if classic halo is good for competitive what about who follow the tourneys? You guys think that a classic reskinned h2 or h3 is going to blowout with a lot of viewers?No. Beacuse at the end right now a game needs to have a lot of viewers periodically to doing good in the esport scene,and please dont talk of CSgo or the mobas beacuse the PC scene is totally differenti in Every aspect. The console base players is a misture of casuals and dedicated players. Now for what i have seen for me this can be the best halo we ever get with small tweacks...up Speed base movement no sprint the abilitis are fine. And wow to the people here you guys follow for real this franchise or you are only taking fun at bitching hating with no constructive feedback? The first think why halo have problems is the community...no feed back only this... Ce better halo im come. H2 best halo h3 sucked blabla. Reach was trash in multy i give you that, maked by the creators of halo with your beloved destiny...ohh bungie games so awesome.
  9. Tue sounds of the shields is magnificent
  10. Shiiet awful english with autocorrector is laaaame srry guys
  11. Oh god conspiracy ahhhaa cmon. Anectode... My brother as always player cok of duty bf4 ecc... With the MCC now he likes halo so i answered em what he liked most...and his answer was 4 beacuse of sprint you can run haaahhhaa,i lot of friends on xbl that think halo is better with sprint obious this guys they have started with reach or h4,how many arena shooter are in the market this days that are doing fine ??? Csgo is the last that i can say. So after watching all these gameplay h5 at me looks promising if tweaked something, The animation of the ADS is not nedeed instead a pratical zoom in with the actual graphics of tue smart scope is perfect. sprint i can live with it but i prefer equal thurster for everybody and no sprint with faster base movement. the rest of the abilitis is good for me more dinamic combat is always good. I cant wait for the beta to drop to give my impression
  12. I think my last sentence on a zoom in with the olographic stile that 343 Have stuck in the game can work amazing. Pls leave this feedback at 343.
  13. Hi What you think of a h5 with no sprint Thrusters equal for everybody Faster base movement And instead of ADS animation have a zoom in with that olographic view...what you think? More important the last one if you respond thx
  14. Guys we are on the Hood path to nave the best halo Faster movement No sprint Dashing is Hood No ADS then i see potential
  15. For me h5 van be the best halo with this. Base movement faster No sprint The dashing is good No ADS animation. So simple.
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