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  1. Meh. Had hoped Bubu would have been on there instead of Trippey
  2. These guys are gonna look back at these times and ask themselves "why the fuck didn't I enjoy that more?" lol Jeez guys, smile, speak more for the sake of production lol
  3. Home is where the Halo is It's been quite a journey, with MLG, this feels like we've come full circle. At the same time, it feels like we're only just beginning...
  4. Yeah, you hate to see a controller disconnect in a critical game 7. Especially since Halo has been shit on enough and now the esports world laughs at us again, BUT, Splyce or Tox is gonna win anyways lol Pulling for Tox but Splyce will probably win. Also thanks @@Ninja
  5. I used to envy casters from other games like CoD and CSGO, but I'm gonna be honest, WE have world class casters. Easily some of the best in eSports: Elamite Walshy Simms GB Onset Wonderboy Lethal Gaskin Not a fan of Strongside or Butters, and I definitely miss T2 (not for p-b-p but for the analyst's desk)
  6. I feel ya brotha But don't fret, INF will make it into playoffs
  7. But the melee didn't connect, so... Find a work around, or come back better than ever. Life happens, H5 happens, just get ready for the next one.
  8. H5 is shit, but not a fan of the martyrdom from the players, just put it behind you, it is what it is and get ready for the next match. I'm 100% confident they will be the 2nd team making it out of that pool. Just pls for the love of god INF don't let it tilt you
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