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  1. Team Name: You did it to us Darb. Player 1 GT: improve Player 2 GT: lincoln3
  2. Trust me...You didn't miss much, the game is extremely flawed right now, especially MM.
  3. Gamertag: improve Customs/MM: Both Region: US - East
  4. I do not disagree with you, I'm looking more forward to Halo 1 than anything else, from a skill stand point I think CE is more skillful than Halo 2, but from a competitive aspect I think 2 is better.
  5. Please pay attention more to the post, I wasn't comparing the two games and their community, but more, comparing the developer to customer relationship.
  6. Long story short, H2A, while fun, is not the most competitive game, H2C is.
  7. Hi, I felt like I had to speak my opinion about this whole situation with the Master Chief Collection.Skip this next paragraph if you would like... But first, I feel like I have to give a bit of background info about me. Just like a lot of people I started playing Halo from the beginning. Never really played it a lot until I got Xbox Live, Christmas in 2005. I played Halo 2 online for countless hours, it was the most addicting thing I have ever done. But it wasn't until a friend told me about this thing called "MLG" that I started taking Halo seriously. Fast Forward about a year, I became one of the best FFA players, which got me in an all pro clan held by HP Phreak (Creator of Halo-Pro). Skipping ahead a little while now, I quit console games simply for reasons I will explain later, moving to PC gaming. Until about a few weeks ago...I bought an Xbox One, the MCC, and Gold just for this. When I heard about the MCC I honestly wasn't excited, more mad actually, because I knew they would change the game, but as I silently waited, I noticed they promised everything, same Button combo's, same ranks, same exact game and I quote "Halo 2 anniversary will contain the original Halo 2 mulitplayer EXACTLY as it shipped 10 years ago" Which of course that wasn't true because Halo 2 right when it came out wasn't the best, melees were horrible, but either way...They prmised the original Halo 2 and they said they wanted to keep everything the same. I am now finding that not to be the case at all. Some of you may know this information, but some may not, so hopefully I can help the people who haven't heard. Halo 1 and 2 are direct ports from their PC version's. Has anyone here played the Halo 1 and 2 ports for the PC? Halo 1 was fine, only problem was the weapon timers (Which they have already fixed) but Halo 2 is a much different story...Halo 2 vista goes as the worst PC port ever created in my opinion. The hit registration is horrid, melee's go clear through people, and you cannot super bounce (not that big of a deal but it proves Halo 2 on MCC is the vista port). Now, I have watched Halo 2 classic on twitch for a few hours and I can admit it is not as bad as the vista port, but I still did notice shots not "hitting" players, but 343 has said over time they will replace the PC coding, to the original console coding of the game, but can we trust them? They have been quite for some time, so we would just assume everything they promised is still true, but they decided to to wait a few days before the game launched (of course because a lot of people already bought an Xbox One and the game) to tell us, there will be no super bouncing (once again because it a vista port), and that there will be no ranks in any playlists but one...and you can guess for which game. Halo 2 Anniversary. It is very clear that they are trying to shove H2A down our throats, Making it the only game with ranks, and buying out the other tournament that was originally going to be playing Halo 2 Classic, of course changing the game to Halo 2 Anniversary. I understand why they wanted to do the first tournament for H2A over Classic, I get it. They want to show it off and get more sales, that's perfectly fine, no problem, but buying out the other tournament and making a series of tournaments H2A only? That's a problem. Now look, H2A looks fun, it really does, but fun does not equal to competitivness and skill. Halo 2 Classic is the one single console shooter that actually had a huge skill gap and played very competitively, the little things like BXR's and Double Shots makes the skill gap massive. H2A honestly just looks like Reach near it's end when they stripped abilities and sprint, wasn't horrible, but it was plain and IMHO a typical console shooter. My point is, H2A is not a game that can be played at a competitive level, Halo 2 classic IS. I don't understand it, why not push H2C? It's in the MCC, people will still buy the game for it. If they continue to do only H2A tournaments, mark my words, Halo will not succeed in a competitive level, to try and compete with game like DOTA2, SC2, LoL, and CS:GO with Anniversary. Like I mentioned in the beginning, I have switched to PC games, which is honestly a much different thing than console games. If people do not like something about a game on PC they tell the devs, and they actually change it. No joke. When Counter Strike: Global Offensive first came out it wasn't all that popular, people still played the original, Counter Strike 1.6 because it was proven to be a much more balanced and competitive game. Valve (the creator's) realized this, and instead of shoving CS:GO down our throats, they dramatically changed the game to make it much better, which led it to be quite popular now, tournaments went from 50k viewers in a major tournament, to about 500k. Quite a difference. My point is, don't just say things like "well alteast we have halo back" or "we should be grateful 343 gave us halo back" That is such an asinine thing to say, that shows the devs they can half ass things and get away with it, and let's be clear this is NOT a gift that they gave us, if anything it was a gift for them. They got many people (like myself and a few of my friends) back into console gaming and bought an Xbone, the game and gold. Sorry for so much text, I honestly did this more for venting than anything else. If you're not a competitive player, and you play for fun you can honestly just ignore this post, it's more for the competitive players.

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