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  1. Camo is too easy to see. Closer to Halo PC with downturned graphics than "camo that would fool an attentive Elite."
  2. I need to relearn the twinkling stars to aim at in HeH. Launching the sniper from either corner and rockets from Red corner doesn't appear to be the same as it was. Playing against really good players I also miss having a second screen to look out. I got absolutely crushed on CTF Derelict but damn what fun it was.
  3. Definitely not with malicious intent. Once in a game, I'm selfless and the team victory is the goal. I'll communicate as best as possible, let a better player grab the sniper or rockets, hug the corner so multiple players can benefit from a camo spawn, be the decoy so ammo is wasted on me and not the person grabbing a flag or planting the bomb, etc. 12 years ago, I based a move and lease agreement on whether or not I could get a static IP from an ISP with it's measly 384k upload so I would be able to play Halo CE successfully over XBConnect. Naturally I was quite animated with anticipation when MCC was announced with multiplayer for CE. All this being said, map rotation in the playlist is quite limited and I have been playing a bit too often on Rat Race. If H2C BR starts on Ivory Tower or Gemini or one of the Vista maps I have never played came up I would vote for those over Rat Race or Battle Creek. If Lockout/Lockdown/Lockinsert latest remake of it/ comes up it's not going to get my vote. The first 400,000 games on that map were fun, not so much now.
  4. Posted Yesterday, 10:33 PM ahawowow, on 16 Dec 2014 - 10:11 PM, said: Don't play Team Slayer I set my clan for Halo 1 or I quit. As any adult here can agree with, time is precious and I'm not going to waste the little bit I can set aside in the evenings playing a game type or map I don't want to, especially after forking out the amount of cash for a console and this game. Right now I want to play Halo CE so that leaves me only Team Slayer and Big Team Battle.
  5. It's happened a few times to me in Chill Out. In the narrow hallway I'll get pushed out the peek a boo window above no man's land and fall out of it.
  6. He can BxR with an Atari 2600 joystick He installed the day 1 patch without an Internet connection Noob-comboing him simply adds to his ever-present overshield He waited 7 years on top of the 2nd Blue Beam Tower to state “What took you so long?” He always spawns with 4 grenades He can teleport to the top of Damnation by himself Halo 2 players suffer fall damage in his matches His very presence on a map triggers random spawns no matter his location
  7. I royally suck at LASO. Just trying to get off the Pillar of Autumn took 1hr 40min, with no achievement of course. Grunts will not toss a grenade at all when I want them go and blow up everything in their area including the Elites. As soon as I near a marine they go hog wild even if Elites are right there as well. I played through the first encounter on Halo just to see if the achievement would pop up a few minutes later to no avail. Somehow I unlocked Chips Dubbo's words of wisdom. I wonder if that was the marine I kept killing over and over to gather his precious two grenades.
  8. First post here but I've read this forum for a while. chaos Theory summed up my thoughts very well. This game should have never shipped in such a state. I support end-users for a living so I'm very much "Switzerland" in the office in that I make sure everyone can be productive. I do get to hear all the interplay between departments and ultimately which one wins out. The bosses bosses boss at the top says make it so and there you have it. Halo 2 shipped with elements that were cut but it did work unlike this mess. I'm glad I didn't take any time off work for this. Picked up the game at 9:00pm PST, I stayed up until 2:30am determined to get just one match online after the forever and a day install. My friends who are scattered about California and I have been playing Halo since 2002. I was the biggest fan though. The guy who went to everyone's house to make sure XBC was working, routers were port-forwarding correctly, etc. So naturally I was the one to pick up an Xbox One first. Plonked down the cash for Destiny so I would have something to play for a month. What a grind that game is but that's another topic. With the state the game is in I can't suggest each of them spend the money to buy the console, game and perhaps an extra controller. We're not young anymore, families, etc so time is precious. Time wasted at searching for a match, or finally getting a great map selected (CTF Danger Canyon) only to have the console completely crash and require a reboot.
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