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  1. I seriously doubt that the MCC will come to PC. They haven't fixed it on Xbox and there's no signs of that changing. Releasing a fully functional MCC on PC would be a slap in the face to X1 owners.
  2. I haven't played in months. I come here every so often to see if they fixed aiming or anything else.
  3. I think the point he's making is that if we get Halo 5 on PC, it will still be Halo 5 that we're playing. Just because it could possibly play at higher resolutions and framerates doesn't mean the game will magically become good overnight. It's still Halo 5. Now if the game supported mods.....
  4. I refuse to get my hopes up for Halo 5 on PC.Even if it does come out we'll still have Halo 5, don't forget that. Mods could fix the game but no way that will ever happen.
  5. Both. Black Ops 3 maps just has more variety in general.
  6. Yeah, it has some really cool maps, especially the new ones. Let me guess, you haven't played BO3?
  7. If only 343 could make some cool maps like in Black Ops 3 or Doom
  8. Assault is pretty fun, definitely nice to have a new game type, but I still can't get over the way the game plays. This just doesn't feel like Halo.
  9. Guess it's for customs. Kind of useless to me.
  10. I'm confused by this statement "CE Pistol didn't change at all. Placebo." Didn't change in relation to what?
  11. I haven't been keeping up with Halo 5. When was the CE pistol added to Halo 5?
  12. Played for the first time in about 2 months. I don't understand how anyone can tolerate the crappy aiming in this game.
  13. You'd think patches to weapon balance would fit their #immersion since all of multiplayer is a simulation that they could adjust to their liking
  14. It will be interesting to see how 343 manages to mess up the new ball gametypes
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