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  1. Again Naded places second and then gets dropped immediately (must be an attitude thing idk). Apart from that it's a horrible team change in my eyes, just like when Warriors dropped Ryan for APG before APG keeps ruining my favorite Halo teams - damn #TeamKiller
  2. Lethul down twice here, sort it out Cyren mate
  3. This is what I was thinking/hoping too. Otherwise Elamite in place of Naded depending on who seems better at the game. I'm pumped for the Naded return but I have yet to see him play. The return of the Str8 Rippin name would be awesome
  4. I find it ironic that #Kyle retweeted this before all of this happened :') I think he knew he was destined to be the #LoopHoleLion
  5. The infamous Zola made a tutorial series on how to use Vegas - mainly for creating a montage but he does show a lot of other helpful insight into his editing programs and techniques too. Some of which could be useful for people trying to get an understanding of how to create some content of their own. Check it out here - http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3GPCgafKQIRALbzN2OcsecFCMve5Gkoc Hopefully this helps
  6. This Rippinheads isn't fake.....he is just a different person lulz
  7. Just signed up to the website and so far all I can say is - DAMN! I never bothered to make an account on THC because all I heard was negative things :| whereas all I can hear about Beyond Entertainment is positive things! I make HaloZz videos on my channel too for anyone interested <3 - http://www.youtube.com/theswayzeeffect
  8. That's my friend. We attempted to re-enact a real life spartan with flaming recon
  9. You're the man BL4K! You best be at some future AGL events 'cause you're such a character on stream xD
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