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  1. Looking for people to run MM with. DIamond or higher. GT: x A k K i x
  2. Akki

    Siege Games

    Looking for anyone who lives near or in Vegas who is decent at shooters. Just recently came from RTX and we felt robbed of winning first place and the trip to LA, that we want to try and fly to Vegas for the day and compete again. It is super easy. We are looking for three people. The other events had 3 days of playing but this expo only has it for one day so probably not enough time for anyone to figure it out. If anyone is interested let me know, but you have to be a least semi good because headshots are a must.
  3. Maybe by then there will be an Xbox keyboard and mouse packaged with the game. I agree it can't be too complicated for controllers but it still needs a little more depth I think. Even as it stands kiting will be easier with a keyboard and mouse as is, so I think if there is cross play, consoles will still be done.
  4. Interested to see if EG will still dominate in Halo 5 and what roster changes will happen.
  5. I think for it to follow SC2 it is going to have to be a bit more complicated than the first one. First one was a really simple RTS. I wonder if it will be cross platform play, I would prefer to use my keyboard and mouse.
  6. Check out our Failtage. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jebPVFxluRU
  7. Ninja was choking on some big snipe shots on Shrine. EG vs Cloud 9 was a good series, EG just seem to keep it together.
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