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  1. My team is in need of a coach for Knoxville. If you're interested please tweet me or message my gamertag if you don't have twitter. Twitter - @LindsayBunny Gamertag - Lindsay Bunny
  2. My team is looking for some scrims tonight around 9:30 CST message my gamertag Lindsay Bunny.
  3. The Proximity roster has changed. Bale has been dropped and replaced by Unwind.
  4. Our 4th might not be able to make it to UMG. We would like to run games with some good F/A's ASAP. Please msg my gamertag to scrim with us. GT- Lindsay Bunny team is: Ranked, Sloppy, Lindsay Bunny
  5. Proximity - Lindsay Bunny, Ranked, Sloppy, Bale,
  6. Hey guys, we are looking for 2 people for UMG. We already have a team pass and hotel booked! Please message my gamer tag- Lindsay Bunny or mention me on twitter @LindsayBunny if you want to run games asap! (My old gamer tag was xo Bunny, I recently changed it.)
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