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  1. Team Name: Slaughterhouse Gamertags GG Mongoose (DrMongoose) GG Lambo (gglambo)
  2. If this is true, it is slightly glitched in H2A. I have been playing almost nothing but customs and for all my melee's and my friends it is always 3 hit kills whether standing or jumping. Mine could be an isolated issue though.
  3. Biggest issue being that we can't set a custom power up and standard OS/Camo would not cut it. Camo is very weak in H2A and super visible with HD textures and monitors. The biggest issue is thatpower ups are used to take/break set ups, but you are placing it in the area where people are going to be set up, thus negating it for most games. Camo worked in Reach because the Sanc remake was smaller and 100% symmetrical. All lines of sight were even on both sides. This is not the case on Shrine. In Reach, you did not have to risk too much to put shots and try to force a ring two push, which was good. It balanced out the power position in a way that forced skill to be needed to hold and break it. With Shrine (and it was a problem with Sanc up until remakes happened) is that once you were in ring 2 (especially when sword was on map) it was very hard to get out. You have to commit a lot more and have a bigger risk trying to break ring 2 control than the defending team has holding it. My main concern is once you hold ring 2 and are decently skilled, the game snowballs, which is not a good thing. Just like it is very easy to set up and hold OS on Prisoner and cycle it, I am concerned the same could happen on Shrine.
  4. I think if you fix spawns on Shrine you will see the rockets become less effective. Especially because H2A rockets are not the strongest and their splash damage is almost nothing unless your shot hits inches from a player. Perhaps lowering the ammo in rockets to only two shots. Makes you have to pick your fights or use them only to break a set up if you get them?
  5. Biggest thing that needs to be done first (and I have done small bits of testing, but it needs more) is some changes to base movement speed and melee damage. As it stands now, movement speed is just a tad too slow. It most affects strafe speed as there is times I lose a fight or win a fight due to my/my opponent's fluky strafe. Upping base speed to 110-120 fixes this issue, but final speeds need to be locked down (hey there's a map pun!) Secondly, 3 hit kill melees are a little too slow. In H2C it is fine due to the ridiculous lunge you get on a melee, requiring the reduced damage to avoid super slap fights. In H2A it makes almost every up close fight feel sluggish and random. Obviously we want to avoid herp a derping, so a two hit kill melee is best to be avoided, but if we can get the damage to where one melee and two burst kills I think we are good. I have done little testing on melee damage, so if I am wrong on this someone please correct me. Lockdown slayer is slow, but also very tactical. I think the suggestion of adding Camo helps make slayer more feasible as it makes breaking set ups possible thus speeding up gameplay. Lockdown ball is a must. First off, we can have Oddball back which is a necessity (both because of how tactical it is and because it is my favorite gametype ever). Secondly, Lockout oddball was one of the best gametypes ever to grace Halo. Lockdown king can work, but some hill tweaking needs to be done. I think it would be better to design a forge map specifically for king like Nexus was. King plays best on maps made for it. Shrine with some spawn work becomes the perfect every gametype map that Midship was back in the day. Assault is the weakest on it, but if we have to play it we can. Otherwise, Slayer and Flag already work so not much needs to be said. Warlord slayer is fun, fast and frenetic which this game needs. it plays slower than H2C so we need some speed. Warlord flag is also great, but some spawns need tweaking as you sometimes can spawn underneath someone as they run in a flag for easy returns/stops. Assault can work, but arm times need to be tweaked. Throw in one or two solid forge maps designed for slayer and king and we have a ourselves a game people.
  6. LAN should matter most, which is what HCS has already made clear. However, the biggest reasons it was so hard to break into the scene back in the day was how expensive it was to travel to compete. The barrier for entry must be lowered so the scene can thrive. Online events should make going pro attainable, but doesn't negate attending LAN events.
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